Ambassador Shras was a male Andorian of the 23rd century Andorian Empire. In the 2260s, he served as the Empire's ambassador to the United Federation of Planets.

In 2268, he was one of thirty-two Federation ambassadors that were transported on board the USS Enterprise to the planetoid Babel for the Babel Conference. Shras' delegation included an aide, Thelev. Shras was unaware of Thelev's true Orion identity or his plans to upset the conference. When questioned about the murder of Gav and an attack on Captain James T. Kirk, he suggested Spock consider that Thelev's actions were not logical but instead motivated by passion or gain.

Upon arriving, he attended the conference, whose aim was to consider the Coridan planets for Federation membership. (TOS: "Journey to Babel")

Shras was played by Reggie Nalder.
In the RPG sourcebook The Andorians: Among the Clans, his full name is said to be "Shras Endilev," and his official position is "Andorian Ambassador to the Federation."
In the novel Dwellers in the Crucible, Shras is also prelate of the state religion on Andor.

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