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Shuttlebay 3

Inside Shuttlebay 3

Shuttlebay 3, also known as docking bay 3, was one of the three shuttlebays aboard Galaxy-class starships.

In early 2365, the D'Alison, a USS Repulse shuttlecraft, departed the USS Enterprise-D from this bay. (TNG: "The Child")

Later that year, Lieutenant Commander Data piloted the Sakharov out of this bay. (TNG: "Unnatural Selection")

In early 2366, the Cousteau and Sam Freedle were listed on the shuttlebay operations display as being available in bay 3. (TNG: "Evolution", okudagram)

In 2368, Doctor Beverly Crusher ordered all three Enterprise shuttlebays, including shuttlebay 3, be converted for emergency triage operations in preparation for the rescue of USS Denver survivors. (TNG: "Ethics")

This was the first named shuttlebay in Star Trek: The Next Generation.
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