Sideburns were a growth of facial hair that was common among humanoids.

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As was common in military culture of 19th, 20th, and 21st century Earth, Starfleet personnel maintained a quasi-uniform hairstyle. Sideburns were perhaps the most universal aspect of this, as many male officers stylized their sideburns to end in triangular points. Many ships, including the USS Enterprise-D, had barbershops staffed by barbers onboard, where it was likely that this uniform sideburn style was administered. Some male personnel, William T. Riker being notable among them, chose to wear beards as well.

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Westmore's side-burn bible

Westmore's "side-burn bible"

Many male performers who appeared on Star Trek had their "pointy" sideburns added on by make-up. A few of note include:

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