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The Sikla Medical Facility was a hospital in the capital city on the planet Malcor III. In 2367, Doctor Berel was the director of the facility.

Like other hospitals, the facility had a crisis room for emergency procedures, and a trauma care area on its third level. One of its specialty physicians was a dermatome analyzer.

In 2367, riots broke out and this facility brought in victims of the ensuing violence. Among them was Commander William T. Riker under the name Rivas Jakara who was working with covert Federation observers. When his anatomical differences became known among the staff, most believed he was an alien and were therefore fearful. Dr. Berel continued to have him treated, but Minister Krola wanted to interrogate him. When Berel refused, due to potentially life-threatening drugs being administered, Krola relieved him and Doctor Nilrem took over as acting director in his place. (TNG: "First Contact")


All employees listed are during 2367.

It was not revealed whether or not Berel was reinstated to the position of director of the facility after the incident with Krola.