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Silvia Abascal (also known as Silvia Abascal Baker) is a hair stylist who worked for the cast of Star Trek III: The Search for Spock and Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. She is related to fellow Star Trek III hair stylist Paul Abascal. In addition, Abascal appeared as a San Francisco bar patron in a deleted scene of the third Star Trek film. [1]

Prior to her work on Star Trek III' Abascal worked as hair stylist on several films and television specials, including The Star Wars Holiday Special (1978, with Mickey Morton and Lev Mailer) and the television drama Stunts Unlimited (1980, with Glenn Corbett, Stefan Gierasch, John Larroquette, Hal Needham, Dick Ziker, Jophery C. Brown, and make-up artist Wes Dawn). She was John Travolta's hair stylist on the drama Urban Cowboy (1980) on which she worked with Wes Dawn and Susan Zietlow-Maust and earned an Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Achievement in Hairstyling for the television drama The Jayne Mansfield Story (1980, with Whitney Rydbeck, Gwen Van Dam, and Charles Parks).

Further credits as hair stylist include the comedy Carbon Copy (1981), the television series The Winds of War (1983, with James Kail), the television drama I Want To Live (1983), the drama Silkwood (1983), the thriller Best Kept Secrets (1984), the drama Into the Night (1985, with Wes Dawn and James Kail), the comedy The Best of Times (1986, with make-up artist Brad Wilder), the television drama Long Time Gone (1986), and the television drama Under the Influence (1986).

For the television thriller Too Good To Be True (1988) she served as hair stylist for lead actress Loni Anderson.

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