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A simile was a figure of speech that directly comparing one thing to another, explicitly drew a connection between two different things with the words "as" or "like".

Discussing the interruption in the USS Enterprise sensors caused by the red bursts detected in 2257, Commander Michael Burnham described the interruption as "like a compass at the north pole." Evan Connolly indicated he found the "metaphor" simplistic, though Burnham corrected him that her statement was more accurately described as a simile. Captain Christopher Pike admired her correction, noting: "He said you were smart." (DIS: "Brother")


"An asteroid crater twice as high as Everest."
"As big as a house."
"As big as Crenshaw melons and twice as heavy."
"As big as life."
"(As) blind as a bat."
"As blind as a Tiberian bat."
"As blind as a stump."
"(As) bright as a blade (before it is stained with blood)."
"As bright as a Koladan diamond."
"As clear as a summer's day."
"(As) clear as Tabalian glass."
"As dry as a bone."
"As dry as Vulcan."
"As dry as the crater at Tarpahk. (In the middle of the dry season. When it's dry!)"
"As easy as 1, 2, 3."
"As easy as a long sleep."
"As easy as pie."
"As good as dead."
"As good as new."
"As good as your word."
"(As) hard as nails"
"As hard as separ gemstones and twice as sharp."
"As healthy as a proverbial horse."
"As healthy as a Rigellian ox."
"(As) healthy as a targ."
"As healthy as you were the first day I examined you."
"As peaceful as a bull."
"As peaceful as sheep."
"As right as rain."
"As smart as any man."
"(As) smooth as an android's bottom."
"As smooth as ice."
"As strong and proud as its lady is beautiful"
"(As) strong as a bull"
"As thick as a Toarian ice storm out there"
"(As) thick as armor"
"As tough as anybody"
"(As) tough as nails"
"As tough as they come"
"Better than a serenade from the laughing spaceman"
"Better than Leningrad."
"Bigger than Elvis."
"Bold as brass"

Synonymous with being brazen or bold. (TOS: "The Way to Eden"/TNG: "The Outrageous Okona"; VOY: "Q2")

"Breed like tribbles."

A variation of the Human phrase "breed like rabbits."

"Built like a fortress."
  • How Captain Kirk referred to the Shore Leave Planet when attempting to gain access to the planet's control center.
"Burn up like a cinder."
"Busier than an Alvanian beehive."
"Clean as a whistle."
"Colder than a Breen winter."
"Compared to them, we're like a garden snail."
"Crying like a baby"
"Dead as a doornail."
"Dilithium is worth nearly twice as much as bolomite."
"Dropping like flies."
"Feels like a house with all the children gone."
"Feels like a prison cell to me."
  • Odo's sense of his confinement to quarters aboard Lovok's warbird, mostly due to it having "force fields around the bulkheads and a guard outside the door." (DS9: "The Die is Cast")
"Feels like ants crawling all over my body."
  • Scott's description of the energy flow near the magnetic bottle. Spock suggested he "refrain from any further subjective descriptions." (TOS: "That Which Survives")
"Feels like (my neck's) been twisted off."
"(It) feels like we're being pecked to death by ducks."
"Fit as a fiddle."
"Fits like a glove."
"Fresh as the day they were picked."
"Fruity as a nut cake."
"Heart like a hammer."
"Hollow as a snare drum."
"Hot as Vulcan."
  • Following Kirk's initial impression of Vulcan, following their arrival in 2267, described as "It's lovely. I wish the breeze were cooler." McCoy added, "Yeah. Hot as Vulcan. Now I understand what that phrase means." (TOS: "Amok Time")
"Hotter than hell."
"Hotter than the Tarkanian desert."
"Hunted down like an animal."
"In some parts of the galaxy I have seen forms of entertainment that makes this look like a folk dance."
"It moves like a cat."
"It happened suddenly, like a balloon popping."
"It was like a stinking draft out of a slaughterhouse."
"It was like being inside joy. As if joy was something tangible, and you could wrap yourself in it like a blanket."
"It's better than nothing"
"Its hull's at least twice as thick as ours..."
"It's like a jigsaw puzzle all one color. No key to where the pieces fit in."
"It's like a man who has been blind all of his life, suddenly being given sight.
"It's like a pail of water on a fire."
"It's like a predator."
"It's like discovering Atlantis or Shangri-La."
"It's like saponin, only it's a thousand times stronger."
"It's like sending up a flare."
"It's like something out of Alice in Wonderland."
"It's like working in a damned computer center."
"It's twice as strong as whisky."
"Like a juggernaut, it could begin moving at any moment."
"Like a bat out of hell"
"Like a charm."
"Like a fly on flypaper."
"Like a hawk."
"Like a man...."
"Like a man who's asking his friend if he can start dating his sister"
"Like a man who's lost his faith"
"Like a moth to a flame."
"Like a mute d'blok."
"Like a paragon of virtue."
"Like a pet owner speaking to a beloved animal."
"Like the poor man's Aurelians."
"Like a poor marksman, you keep missing the target."
"Like a team of animals under one whip?"
"Like a tin can"
"Like a ton of bricks"
"Like a whole city in space."
"Like clockwork."
"Like crazy"
"Like my neck's in a sling."
"Like it was my own child."
"Like it was thin air."
"Like nobody else" / "Ain't like nobody I ever seen"
"Lit up like a Christmas tree."
"Live like a king."
"Looks like it was salvaged from a junk heap."
"My brain feels like it's wrapped up in a blanket."
"Neat as pins."
"No bigger than a grain of sand."
"No bigger than a Tarkanian field mouse."
"Out like a light"
"Our schedule is like a chain. One break and it all collapses."
"Peaceful as sheep."
"(As) plain as the nose on (my) face" / "as plain as the noses on your ugly little primate faces."
"Plain as an old bucket"
"Play(ing) God"
"Poor as a church mouse."
"Quiet as a Zyznian church mouse."
"Read like prison records."
"Remember (it) like it was yesterday."
"Rich as Rockefeller."
"Running like a well-oiled machine."
"(I) screamed like a twelve year old."
"Slept like a baby"
"Smells just like a freshly mowed lawn."
"Straight as a plumb line."
"Sweating like a bridegroom."
"The corridor is like a prison, with explosives at the door."
  • Lazarus' description of the corridor, adding, "Open the door, and the explosives might go off. Stay inside and the universe is safe." (TOS: "The Alternative Factor")
"The death of Spock is like an open wound."
"(There's) nothing like a tuxedo to make you feel like a million bucks."
"There's nothing more dangerous than a wounded animal."
"Those boots will cling to the killers' necks like a pair of Tiberian bats."
"Time is fluid, like a river, with currents, eddies, backwash."
"Touchier than a raw antimatter pile."
"You can't just yank out an antimatter injector like it was a light bulb."
"You look like a cadet review."
"You were like a wild little animal."
"You're a tool, like this hyperspanner."
"You're better than a theater to them."
"Voyager may not be as big as a Galaxy-class but she's quick and smart, like her captain."
"White as a sheet"
"Work like beavers."

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