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Simon Stotler is an actor who worked as background actor and stand-in and photo double on all seven seasons of Star Trek: Voyager. He prominently appeared as an operations ensign in several episodes but also in other acting roles. He was among the early main stand-ins for actor Ethan Phillips as Neelix and also stood-in for many guest actors on the series. In addition, Stotler worked as production assistant on Star Trek: First Contact, his only credited Star Trek work. He received no credit for his appearances but is listed on many call sheets.

During the pre-production of Voyager, Stotler – wearing the operations division uniform – worked as camera test model on Paramount Stage 8 on Monday 8 August 1994 and Tuesday 9 August 1994.

Stotler is the stepson of the late Star Trek assistant director Jerry Fleck. He was prominently featured in the early version of "Caretaker", filmed with Genevieve Bujold. These scenes are present in the VOY Season 1 DVD special feature The First Captain: Bujold.

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