Singha was the site of the Singha refugee camp where displaced Bajorans lived during the Occupation of Bajor. Among the inhabitants were Kira Nerys, her mother Meru, her father Taban and her brothers Reon and Pohl. As with most other places on Bajor during the occupation, the residents of Singha were constantly hungry and had a low standard of living.

Kira believed that her mother had died at Singha until Dukat informed her on her mother's sixtieth birthday that he and her mother were in love. Although Kira didn't want to believe this, she used the Orb of Time to visit the camp, where she watched as her mother was taken to Terok Nor and slowly became a collaborator with Dukat. (DS9: "Second Skin", "Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night")

Kira, Reon and Pohl would play springball at Singha. (DS9: "Shadowplay")

Singha may have been a city, like Gallitep (site of the Gallitep labor camp), but it is also possible that it was simply the name of the camp that evolved there.

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