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The Skorr were a space-faring, bipedal ornithoid race. Their feathered wings allowed them to fly as well as hover.

The Skorr were once a race of great warriors with advanced military technology and the ability to breed vast armies rapidly.

In the mid-21st century, a religious leader named Alar led his race into a new era of peace. Later, he was credited for making the Skorr great and civilized.

In 2269, the Soul of Skorr, an indurite sculpture in which Alar's thought patterns were encoded, was revealed to be stolen.

The theft triggered a mad racial fury in the Skorr, and they started preparing for jihad against the known galaxy. This was particularly troublesome as it was projected that in just two standard years, the existing Skorr could breed an army of two hundred billion warriors. The Skorr government, fearing this war, kept the theft a secret, but with the aid of a Vedala-assembled team from multiple species, mounted a mission to recover the artifact.

The episode is inconsistent in if the Skorr population were enraged, or kept in the dark by their government.

The theft of the Soul of Skorr was revealed to have been masterminded by prince Tchar, who wanted to return to their former violent glory and avenge their history. The plot failed and the Soul of Skorr was recovered.

The Vedala intended the incident to remain secret, and were confident that they could achieve this. They even claimed that in time, the participants in the mission would forget about it. (TAS: "The Jihad")




The Skorr closely resembled the Aurelians.

Tchar claimed to be able to sense the presence of the Soul from a distance. Although he had foreknowledge of the location, he did not mean to reveal this at this time, perhaps hinting at some kind of telepathic ability.


In the Star Trek: Enterprise novel The Good That Men Do, it is said that, by 17 February 2155, Charles Tucker III had heard of the Skorr but that the NX-class starship Enterprise had never visited their homeworld.

The Skorr are featured in the PC game Star Trek: Starfleet Command, in which the player has to evacuate the Skorr homeworld under threat from an unidentified anomaly.

According to the Star Trek: The Animated Series Supplemental Guide, the Skorr are related to the Aurelians, having split from each other approximately 700 years ago.

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