Skrreean language was the language spoken by the Skrreea. The language had a unique syntax and grammatical structure, unlike any other language in Starfleet's database prior to first contact with the species in 2370.

Spoken languageEdit

Deep Space 9's universal translator initially had difficulty analyzing its language patterns, and the first Skrreean visitors to the station were made to keep talking so that the computer could establish a translation matrix.

Skrreean didn't have a word for husband, a Skrreean woman would instead describe her men as "bonded to her." (DS9: "Sanctuary")

Words and phrasesEdit

  • Creshnee - Other (as in 'other side of a wormhole.')
  • Intaowa - An expression that something is hideous.
  • Jeetaka - million

Examples of spoken language Edit

The spelling of this dialogue has been taken from the final draft script of "Sanctuary".
Oo-mata! Oo-mata! Dongo patar meeoto fenta. Fenta!
(Tumak, angry, after being beamed aboard Deep Space 9.)
Naga dentana... oobay a-tal. Oobay a-tal! Keetama sootay. Shalanta Skrreea.
(Haneek, being reasonable but speaking urgently.)
Ketoh maseeca. Skrreea. Tolak mayfessaka. Koo masek. Gadoux besoolin fenta. Fenta?
(Haneek, speaking to Kira Nerys.)
Oobay-a-tal? Fidask setoma meeka?
(Haneek, continues.)
Toma. Bessa!
(Haneek, instructing Gai and Cowl to follow.)

Vala. Vala!
(Tumak, clutching an object he's picked up at a booth.)

(Gai begins to argue with Cowl.)
Kootana batoo lakar asheem...!
(Cowl argues with Gai.)
Dokka?! Pestani voe lakar asheem!
(Gai, taking offense as the argument escalates.)
Kolat! Kolat kee!
(Haneek sharply to Gai and Cowl, causing them to stop arguing.)
Kolat? Kolat Gadoux?
(Haneek wishes for Kira, rather than Dr. Bashir to treat Tumak.)

Noloux bataak rama setta... rama emal jeetaka... zeela koo... Gadoux soka gee...
(Haneek implores Kira for her assistance.)
Bataak rama setta... rama setta... zeela koo... hemena kee... soulak... (need) ikstassa...
(Haneek tries again to get through to Kira.)
Ganoux? Noloux bataak rama setta... (my people) yeekopa Skrreea... havou fotar (save them)...
(Haneek continues, as the translator starts to interpret her language.)
Noloux Skrreea... soka roo (need your help... there's no time) soulak... (we are the Skrreea... my people need your help... there's no time to waste...)
(Haneek continues, as the translator has increasing success.)
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