A possible depiction of a Slaver

The Slavers were the founders of an ancient alien empire, which was the master of all intelligent races in the Milky Way Galaxy about a billion years before the 23rd century. They went extinct during the Slaver war.

In 2269, a depiction possibly representing a Slaver was discovered in a stasis box that had been earlier found by Kzinti archaeologists on Kzin. If this was indeed a depiction of a Slaver, it was the first to be unearthed since the fall of the Slaver Empire. (TAS: "The Slaver Weapon")

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The Slavers originate from Larry Niven's Known Space universe. In Niven's other works, the true name of the Slavers is the Thrintun (singular Thrint). The Thrintun ruled the galaxy through telepathic mind control in the distant past. They were a carnivorous species with an uncontrollable hunger and low intelligence. Their dominance over other people was derived solely from "The Power", their telepathic abilities, which can turn any intelligent beings into slaves.

About two billion years before Humans emerged, the Thrintun were nearly destroyed by one of their enslaved races, the Tnuctip. In reaction, the Slavers issued a universal "Die!" command, causing every sentient being in the galaxy to kill itself in an event known as Suicide Night.

The depiction that Sulu and Spock found, supposed could be of a Slaver in "The Slaver Weapon" follows the physical description of the Slavers in Niven's works quite closely.

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