Slaver weapon

Slaver weapon

The Slaver weapon was a multi-function device built by an ancient civilization known as the Slavers. It was rediscovered in 2269 when the Kzinti opened a stasis box they had stolen from Federation crew members of the USS Enterprise. The Federation had removed the stasis box from the planet Kzin after the last Earth-Kzin War. The device self-destructed shortly after its rediscovery, when the Kzinti failed to pass a security check.

Lieutenant Sulu, a weaponry expert, speculated that the weapon once belonged to a spy, due to the fact that it had so many specialized settings. (TAS: "The Slaver Weapon")

Known functions Edit

Most of the settings are selected by moving a selector switch on the side of the device.

Setting 0: The null setting Edit

The null or off setting appears to do nothing, but when the top is twisted setting six is activated.

Setting 1: Sonic stunner Edit

The first setting emits a high frequency sonic beam. A person in the path of the beam will hear a faint whine, but feel no ill effects. It causes a vibration in metal. Chuft-Captain speculated that it was a communications device, or a sonic stunner designed to affect an ancient species.

Setting 2: Telescope Edit

Setting two is a small telescope, not unlike those possessed by the Kzinti or the Federation.

Setting 3: Laser Edit

Setting three is a light laser beam. Relatively weak, the Federation had possessed a more effective model for more than 100 years before the time that the weapon was found.

Setting 4: Personal rocket motor Edit

Setting four is a personal rocket motor, for transportation.

Setting 5: Energy absorber Edit

Setting five creates a field that absorbs the energy of nearby systems, effectively rendering them inoperative.

Setting 6: Matter-energy conversion beam Edit

The most powerful setting known to exist, this setting is a total matter to energy conversion beam. To get to this setting the user must first switch to the null setting, then twist the top of the weapon. Although the weapon was more than a billion years old when it was found in the 23rd century, it was far more advanced than Federation technology of the time.

Setting 7: Computer Edit

A war computer with a speech interface. It required code words to be spoken by the user before it would allow access to its functions.

Setting 8: Self destruct Edit

A conventional weapon used to destroy the device, should it fall into the enemy hands. The device's computer tricked Chuft-Captain into using this setting by telling him it was the setting for the matter-energy conversion beam. Thus, the device was destroyed. Chuft-Captain and at least two other Kzinti were killed when the self-destruct setting was activated.

Background information Edit

Like many elements from "The Slaver Weapon" episode, the slaver weapon was a prior invention of science fiction author Larry Niven and appears in his other works.

Majel Barrett provided the voice of the Slaver weapon interface.

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