Smeet was a Ferengi Grand Nagus who became the only Nagus ever to be assassinated while in office, after a dramatic drop in the Ferengi Market Exchange during his reign. His First Clerk was killed along with him. They were buried together.

Brunt reminded Quark of that fact in 2373 following a drop in the markets under Quark's temporary tenure as First Clerk. (DS9: "Ferengi Love Songs")

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This character was only mentioned in dialogue.

It was never explained whether Smeet's demise was associated with Ferenginar's Great Monetary Collapse of the mid-24th century, an event which closely resembled the events that lead to Smeet's reference.

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According to the Legends of the Ferengi, Smeet was credited with writing the 89th, 202nd, and 218th Ferengi Rules of Acquisition. He had also been deemed to be the most boring Grand Nagus in Ferengi history.

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