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Snapco LLC is a joint venture which was founded by the owners of Snap Creative LLC of Camarillo, California, USA and PCO Group GmbH of Dassow, Germany in 2009.

The company provides licensed promotional products for sale at cinema concession stands and are widely known for their line of "Speedpack cup toppers" featuring characters and vehicles from popular contemporary films. Snapco products are distributed by PCO Group in Europe and other territories.

Star Trek releasesEdit

Concession stand productsEdit

In 2016, the company produced in-mold labeled (IML) plastic beverage cups, popcorn tubs, and trays featuring imagery from Star Trek Beyond. They were sold at participating cinemas worldwide following the premiere of the film.

Mini shipsEdit

Cup toppersEdit

Three "cup topper" figurines of these starships were released at cinemas in July 2016. Each PVC miniature came with a circular, removable stand which slotted into the IML beverage cup's lid and separated from the ship.

Home video premiumsEdit

The same three "starship figurines" (with shorter, oval stands) were also provided by Paramount Home Video as retailer premiums sold with certain "exclusive" home video releases of Star Trek Beyond. Walmart and retailed them with the Ultimate Blu-ray Gift Set in November 2016.[1]

This version of the USS Franklin features a "weathered" paint wash over its hull and newly-added grey rings painted onto its nacelles. The other two ship figurines are identical to the cup topper versions.

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