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Alligator snow globe

Alligator snow globe

A snow globe was an object from Earth culture.

Rain Robinson had a snow globe cradled by an alligator figure on her desk at Griffith Observatory in 1996. When time-traveling Tom Paris and Tuvok broke into that office that year, Paris studied it with some fascination. (VOY: "Future's End")

Ensign Sylvia Tilly's quarters aboard USS Discovery contained two snow globes featuring the Gateway Arch. (DIS: "Such Sweet Sorrow")

In 2263 of the alternate reality, Doctor Leonard McCoy referred to Starbase Yorktown as a "giant snowglobe waiting to break." (Star Trek Beyond)

The model featured in "Future's End" appears to be a popular souvenir, usually labeled as representing Florida or New Orleans, though manufactured in Hong Kong. [1]

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