For the group of islands, please see Solomons.
For the similarly named Starfleet vessel, please see USS Suleiman.

King Solomon was a Biblical ruler who was renowned for his wisdom. It was later revealed, in 2269, that the immortal Flint was indeed the former King Solomon. (TOS: "Requiem for Methuselah")

Solomon once had to choose between two women who claimed the same child. His solution for identifying the true parent was accomplished by threatening to cut the child in half, knowing that no real mother could ever agree to the death of her child.

Spock faced a similar situation when he was forced to choose who the "real" Captain Kirk was, when confronted by both the real Kirk and an impostor, Captain Garth.

Spock was able to deduce that at the time of the struggle between Kirk and Garth, the victor in the struggle, which Spock assumed would be Garth, due to Kirk's depleted condition. However, because the struggle was inconclusive, Spock was forced to use other means to make his determination – which lead to Spock getting hit on the head by Garth. Although ultimately successful, Kirk was unsure if that was a method King Solomon would have approved of. (TOS: "Whom Gods Destroy")

In the Hebrew Bible, Solomon is the son of King David.

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