Sompek was a Klingon emperor who ruled Qo'noS in ancient times. One of the Klingon Empire's greatest heroes, Sompek was famous for his conquest of Tong Vey, where ten thousand of his warriors laid siege to the city. When Sompek had taken the city, he ordered the entire population massacred and the city burned to the ground.

Lieutenant Commander Worf played the role of Sompek when he re-enacted the battle in holosuites, something that was used against him in a hearing as evidence that he was prone to letting bloodlust get the better of him. (DS9: "Rules of Engagement")

This character was only mentioned in dialogue.
Since "Rightful Heir" established that there had not been a Klingon emperor "for three centuries" before 2369, it can be deduced that Sompek lived some time before the mid-21st century.
In the computer game Star Trek Online, the "Deferi", a race attacked by the Breen, claims they have been friends of the Klingon Empire since the times of Emperor Sompek.

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