The Song of the Sages was a Takarian epic poem that prophecied the arrival of the Holy Sages, demigods who would rule over the Takarians as benevolent protectors. The Song also told of their eventual departure, heralded by the Holy Pilgrim. It was often performed in the street by Takarian bards.

The Ferengi Arridor and Kol co-opted the mythology in the Song of the Sages to exploit the Takarians. (VOY: "False Profits")

Verse 1

Oh those many years ago,
The people's hearts were sad and low.
Then the Sages to the city came.
They came upon a burning flame,
Just as the seers said they would,
They lifted Takar's blinding hood.

Verse for the other Holy One

The sages in the sky did dwell
Upon white clouds that held them well
Until the sentry rang the bell;
The Holy Sages never fell.

Free Verse (incomplete)

But when the ringing called them here,
From the sky they did appear.

Final Verse

And there, amid the Eastern lights,
Three new stars appeared that night.
And with the ringing of the bell,
The Sages knew where they must dwell.
The Holy Pilgrim led them back,
High into the sky of black.
And riding on the wings of fire,
The holy men rose higher and higher.
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