Sord was a strong reptilian being that was one of six specialists chosen by the Vedala, in 2269, to recover the stolen Soul of the Skorr.

Sord's species was a reptilian race with dark green, scaly skin with a large fin, or crest, running back from the front of their heads at the mid-line of the skull. They possessed tails and clawed feet and were physically strong. (TAS: "The Jihad")

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The voice of Sord was provided by James Doohan.

Unlike the other individuals chosen for the mission, Sord's specialty was never specified.

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Author Michael Jan Friedman has agreed with fan speculation that Sord is probably Gnalish (β), a race first featured in his Pocket TNG novel, Reunion, in particular of the relatively smaller Fejjimaera sub-species introduced in Progenitor. [1][2]

In the Star Trek: Stargazer novel series, this species is given the name of "Gnalish" and a member of the species, Phigus Simenon, is the chief engineer of the USS Stargazer under Captain Jean-Luc Picard. The Gnalish species also contains a number of sub-species including the "Fejjimeara" and the "Mazzereht."

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