Sord was a being from a spacefaring reptilian race who lived during the mid-23rd century. He was one of six specialists chosen by the Vedala in 2269 to recover the stolen Soul of the Skorr, along with Captain Kirk, Commander Spock, Tchar, Em/3/Green, and Lara.

Sord's species was dark green, scaly skin, with a large crest running back from the front of their heads at the mid-line of the skull. These digitigrades possessed a tail and clawed hands (with three fingers and a thumb) and feet (with three toes) and were exceptionally strong, physically. They were not built for vertical climbing.

Vedala asteroid starship rendezvous

Sord's ship among the lot, in orbit of the Vedala astroid

Upon their arrival to the "mad planet", his initial observations were that "I like this place, it's got variety." When their trip was threatened by a lava flow, he assisted Kirk and Lara in creating a barricade by maneuvering large rocks into place to divert the flow.

Later, after completing the trek across the ice plains, the tired Em wanted to give up, but was instead carried by Sord, over the sand hills and through the heavy brush. As Sord led the way, he stopped suddenly, as he believed he saw something moving in the brush. After Spock explained that there was no life on that planet, Sord acquiesced, stating that that particular planet "just gets on your nerves."

Sord, full

Sord with his handheld weapon

When the group reached the Skorr temple and came under attack by a number of mechanized sentinels, he protected Em while he picked the lock to the temple's door. Sord even managed to knock one of the mechanicals out of the sky and destroyed it. Spock later believed that these mechanicals were what Sord perhaps saw earlier in the brush.

As the group considered resting prior to entering the temple, Sord agreed to press on, stating, "let's finish it. Or give this deadfall a chance to finish us." As they entered, he viewed the Soul of the Skorr, he thought that it was "pretty". When the team found a ledge to climb along the wall of the temple, he stayed behind, due to his inability to climb in that manner.

After it was revealed that Tchar was in fact the enemy, where after he activated a gravity neutralizer and caused the group to float weightlessly within the temple, so as to "fly and fight as a Skorr", Sord told the group, "no offense, little ones, but let me tackle him."

Though his attempt failed, Tchar was nonetheless captured, and the group returned to the Vedala asteroid with the Soul of Alar. When informed by the Vedala that they would not be rewarded for completing their task, Sord thought just as well, as he "got nowhere to keep a medal, anyway." A short time later he was returned to his ship and left to go on his way. (TAS: "The Jihad")

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The voice of Sord was provided by James Doohan.

In a deleted line from the script, he was referred to as a "great scaly lump" by Em, after he nearly flipped the cart over climbing into it.

Unlike the other individuals chosen for the mission, Sord's specialty was never disclosed.

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Author Michael Jan Friedman has agreed with fan speculation that Sord is probably Gnalish (β), a race first featured in his Pocket TNG novel, Reunion, in particular of the relatively smaller Fejjimaera sub-species introduced in Progenitor. [1][2]

In the Star Trek: Stargazer novel series, this species is given the name of "Gnalish" and a member of the species, Phigus Simenon, is the chief engineer of the USS Stargazer under Captain Jean-Luc Picard. The Gnalish species also contains a number of sub-species including the "Fejjimeara" and the "Mazzereht."

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