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Soren was a member of the androgynous J'naii species.

The parents of Soren were shuttlecraft pilots. Soren was flying on shuttles with them since before learning to walk. When old enough, they joined formal flight school, where Krite was the instructor.

In 2368, Soren and USS Enterprise-D first officer William T. Riker worked together on a mission to rescue a lost J'naii shuttle, the Taris Murn, from a pocket of null space located in their star system. During this time, they revealed to Riker of having a female identity, despite a powerful social taboo against considering oneself to have a gender. The two began to fall in love, and despite attempting to keep their relationship secret, Krite reported the affair to the J'naii authorities.

Soren was arrested and brought before a panel of judges. Riker attempted to take responsibility for the affair by telling the tribunal that he forced himself on Soren. Soren denied his story, and stated the involvement with him was out of free will. Soren further issued an impassioned speech for acceptance of all J'naii with a gender. The tribunal regarded this as an admission of perversion, and Soren was ordered to receive psychotectic therapy. Riker offered to give Soren asylum on the Enterprise-D but the treatments were given ahead of schedule. Riker was not aware of this. Worf came to Riker, saying that he knew Riker was going to rescue Soren offering to come with him, affirming their friendship. Soren was rescued, but the treatment had completely removed the previous gender identity and all feelings for Riker with it. Soren was no longer interested in the offer of asylum. (TNG: "The Outcast")

Soren was played by actress Melinda Culea. Jonathan Frakes critiqued, "Clearly, the character who […] fell in love with Riker or vice versa should have been played by a man, and the people at the studio didn't have the guts to cast a man." (AT: "Vaulting Ambition")

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