The Spanish language was a Human language originating in the Earth region of Spain and spoken by the Spanish. The language was also widely used in North and South America.

Up until the 20th century, "Negro", the Spanish word for the color black, was frequently used by English speakers to describe dark-skinned people of African descent. (TOS: "The Savage Curtain"; DS9: "Far Beyond the Stars")

When Hoshi Sato had difficulties to communicate with an Axanar in his native language in 2151, she told Jonathan Archer that it wasn't just Spanish she was dealing with. (ENT: "Fight or Flight")

Sato began speaking Spanish when she attempted to break the lockout code in the decon chamber in 2154 while under the effects of a silicon-based virus. (ENT: "Observer Effect")

The Spanish word "mariposa" translated into English as "butterfly", a fact which Data mentioned in a conversation with Jean-Luc Picard in 2365. (TNG: "Up The Long Ladder")

Crewman Enrique Muniz began speaking Spanish while in a delusional state shortly before his death in 2373. (DS9: "The Ship")

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