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07:47, June 1, 2008Raymond family tree, The Neutral Zone.jpg (file)22 KBBridge (A computer display of Raymond family members, including among others, Ginger Grant and Maryann Summers. ({{TNG|The Neutral Zone}}) Category:Memory Alpha images (display graphics))
22:16, May 7, 2008Fischer's Infants Wear.jpg (file)53 KBBridge (Fischer's Infants Wear, a retail shop in 1930s New York City. ({{TOS|The City on the Edge of Forever}}) {{image paramount}} Category:Memory Alpha images Category:Earth establishments)
01:58, April 30, 2008Crewman on turbolift, The Seventh.jpg (file)18 KBBridge (A crewman of the ''Enterprise'', exiting the turbolift. ({{ENT|The Seventh}}) {{image paramount}} Category:Memory Alpha images (Humans) )
04:45, April 29, 2008Unconscious crewman, Singularity.jpg (file)28 KBBridge (A crewman of the {{Enterprise|NX-01}}, rendered unconscious by radiation from a black hole. {{ENT|Singularity}}. image:paramount)
10:14, February 1, 2008USS Voyager sciences officer 3.jpg (file)33 KBBridge (An unnamed Starfleet sciences division personnel aboard the {{USS|Voyager}}. {{VOY|Twisted}})
06:02, November 25, 2007Jinaq.jpg (file)8 KBBridge (A jinaq, a piece of jewelry traditionally given to a young Klingon female when she becomes old enough to select a mate. ({{TNG|Birthright, Part II}}) {{image paramount}} Category:Memory Alpha images )
08:42, November 22, 2007Chocolate Passion Punch.jpg (file)12 KBBridge (Chocolate passion punch, a beverage served on at least one beach on Earth. ({{VOY|Inside Man}}) {{image paramount}} Category:Memory Alpha images)
06:07, November 16, 2007Toaster.jpg (file)12 KBBridge (After being rescued from Quarra, B'Elanna Torres looks at the toaster in her and Tom Paris' quarters. {{VOY|Workforce, Part II)) {{image paramount}} Category:Memory Alpha images)

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