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This is a list of sentient (or self-aware) species or races. For non-sentient organisms, see non-sentient lifeforms.


Corporeal species have a physical body, usually composed of carbon- or silicon-based cellular structures. Most corporeal species metabolize energy by consuming food or by photosynthesis, and have a finite life cycle consisting of distinct periods of growth, maturity, and senescence. Intelligent corporeal species frequently enhance their capabilities with technology. (See also: humanoids)

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It should be noted that there are also interspecific species.

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Noncorporeal species are composed of various forms of coherent gas or energy. Most noncorporeal species absorb and utilize energy directly from their environment. Generally, noncorporeal species do not utilize technology, compensating with intrinsic physiological capabilities. Some noncorporeal species have evolved beyond the need for sustenance, and wield substantial control over space and time.


Artificial species are usually created by another species, and can be sentient by design or have attained sentience spontaneously. There are two general types of artificial life: The first is a machine constructed from mechanical components. The second is a software program, which is reliant on a suitable computer in which to exist. These programs may manifest themselves physically in the form of holograms, which sometimes developed self-awareness.


Trans-dimensional species are lifeforms originating from a reality outside the normal space-time continuum. They can take a variety of forms which may or may not be comparable to those in this universe, depending on the nature of their native realm. Some trans-dimensional species are unable to survive in this universe without assistance.

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In the mirror universe, there are a number of species who have developed exactly or at least similarly to their counterparts in the "regular" universe.

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