Species 10026 homeworld

Image of homeworld

Species 10026 star system

A graphic of Species 10026's star system

The Species 10026 homeworld was the home planet of Species 10026, located in Grid 532. Its population was 392,000.

In 2375, the Borg traveled to the planet to assimilate the inhabitants. Species 10026 possessed the modulating phaser pulse - a weapon that could penetrate Borg deflector shields. The Borg Queen made no defensive action, instead referring to Seven of Nine.

After some hesitation and manipulation from the Queen, Seven suggested triaxillating the shield geometry to absorb their phaser pulses. The move was successful and most of the species was assimilated. Seven, however, let four of the captured Species 10026 escape in their shuttlecraft. The Borg Queen discovered this, but let them escape at the request of Seven of Nine. (VOY: "Dark Frontier")

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