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The Vulcan spine

A Klingon spine

A spine or backbone was the column of a vertebrate skeletal system and housed the spinal cord.

Emory Erickson had a deformed spine. (ENT: "Daedalus")

Spock told Leila Kalomi that typical points to identify a dragon are its tail and dorsal spines. (TOS: "This Side of Paradise")

Some Klingon infants had a curvature of the spine, which could be corrected by surgery. This "defect" tended to run in Klingon families, especially among females. Federation medicine had advanced beyond that, allowing an additional choice of treatment which involved genetic modification. (VOY: "Lineage")

One of the symptoms of the Urodelan flu was a stinging sensation in the lower spine. (TNG: "Genesis")

Chakotay told Kathryn Janeway that he was once linked to a collective and had a neural transceiver embedded in his spine. (VOY: "Scorpion")

Some species had more than one spinal column. The Yallitians from the Delta Quadrant had three spinal columns, (VOY: "Phage") and the Talaxians, also from the Delta Quadrant, had two spinal columns. (VOY: "Scientific Method")

A line from the song "That Old Black Magic" is "Those icy fingers up and down my spine." (VOY: "The Killing Game")

In 3189, an atomic scan of Philippa Georgiou's musculoskeletal system revealed she had a bone mineral content (BMC) of 55.2 grams (g) and an areal bone mineral density (aBMD) of 1.01 grams per square centimeters (g/cm2) in her spine. (DIS: "The Sanctuary")

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