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Spockology: Essays on Spock and Leonard Nimoy from The Undiscovered Country Project and Friends


Spock and Spock! What is Spock? At the Undiscovered Country Project, he is, among other things, the inspiration for Spocktober – an annual, month-long event that arrives in October. From 2011 to 2014, the Undiscovered Country Project website hosted several unique and original guest blog posts during Spocktober that we felt deserved more attention. So, the Spockology collection was born! We have also included in this book several new pieces about everyone's favorite Vulcan and the man who brought him to life, the legendary, brilliant, and greatly missed Leonard Nimoy. This is a small tribute to him and his legacy. The symbol of Logic, the icon of the outcast, the central figure of the Star Trek mythos, Spock is many things. But he will always be, simply, "Fascinating."

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Table of contents

  1. "October 2nd" – T'Nara Valdrin Kelensa
  2. "Interview with T'Nara Valdrin Kelensa" – Kevin C. Neece
  3. "Being Human" – Scott Higa
  4. "Mom, Dad, and Mr. Spock" – Lisa M. Lynch
  5. "St. Spock of Vulcan: Patron Saint of Star Trek" – Kevin C. Neece
  6. "St. Spock of Vulcan: First Christ Figure of Star Trek" – Kevin C. Neece
  7. "Spock, the Light of the Romulans" – Mickey Haist, Jr.
  8. "The Wisdom of Spock: 10 Life Lessons From Everyone's Favorite Vulcan" – Neil Shurley
  9. "True Confessions of a Gen-X Trekkie" – Shanna Gilkeson
  10. "In Defense of "Spock's Brain"" – Matthew Weflen
  11. "The Softer Side of Spock" – Renea McKenzie
  12. "The Works of Spock's Hands… and Ours" – Mike Poteet
  13. "Spockrates and the Nature of the Emotions" – Mark J. Boone, PhD
  14. "In Search Of…" – Mike Poteet
  15. "Mr. Spock, Scientist" – A. Bowdoin Van Riper
  16. "Punk on the Bus: An Encounter with Christ in Star Trek IV" – Kevin C. Neece
  17. "Spockrates: The Meaning of Plato's Republic and the Meaning of Life" – Mark J. Boone, PhD
  18. "Not As Happy a Birthday" – Hank Harwell
  19. "Spock and Jews in the 1960s" – Yonasson Gershom
  20. "Making Mr. Spock's Ears" – Steve Neill
  21. "How Leonard Nimoy Saved My Life" – T'Nara Valdrin Kelensa
  22. "Being Leonard Nimoy" – Neil Shurley
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