"Our new age died a quick death."

St. John Talbot was the Federation representative to Nimbus III, the so-called "Planet of Galactic Peace," in the late 23rd century. A disillusioned man, who also smoked, Talbot was extremely unhappy with his assignment, referring to Nimbus III as a "worthless lump of rock," and cynically remarking that the planet was a dumping ground for the most useless people in the universe - himself included.

In 2287, Talbot, and his counterparts from the Klingon Empire and the Romulan Star Empire, General Korrd and Caithlin Dar, were captured by the renegade Vulcan Sybok and his "Galactic Army of Light." Falling under Sybok's telepathic influence, the three of them helped Sybok lure the USS Enterprise to Nimbus III, subsequently capturing the ship and using it to further Sybok's quest for the mythical planet Sha Ka Ree. Upon the conclusion of the crisis, Talbot, Korrd, and Dar shared a drink on board the Enterprise, with Talbot commenting on "how far we've come in such a short space of time." (Star Trek V: The Final Frontier)

St. John Talbot was played by actor David Warner. According to Warner, the part was originally larger, but they cut a bit out of it in the editing room. [1]
Talbot was presented as a drunk, broken man, very unhappy to be stationed on Nimbus III. The Star Trek V novelization goes into some detail about his back-story, stating that he was a once-prominent diplomat who, in the aftermath of a disastrous diplomatic fiasco on Andor, fell out of favor and turned to drinking. Talbot appeared to become romantically involved with his fellow dignitary, Caithlin Dar, at the end of Star Trek V.
Talbot was one of the few characters to be portrayed as a smoker in the Star Trek universe. An original draft special effect, cut due to budget constraints, called for Talbot's cigarettes to be "self lighting".

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