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The stand-ins for The Next Generation's main actors on Season 4

The stand-ins on the final day of Deep Space Nine

The main stand-ins during TNG Season 3.

Richard Sarstedt and Dennis Tracy at work.

A stand-in is a person who substitutes for an actor on set while the lighting is adjusted, the action and camera moves are blocked, and other production details are taken care of prior to actual filming. Generally, stand-ins are chosen because they are of a height and coloring similar to the performer for whom they are standing in. On Star Trek, stand-ins were also used for various computer-generated characters, such as Slar or the Xindi-Insectoids. Stand-ins often work as background performers too, because they are always on set and are called the "second team".

Body doubles and photo doubles were sometimes used on-screen. They look (or are made to look) like the actor they are replacing, to avoid making it obvious to the viewing audience that it is not the same person. They stand-in for an actor and replace the person in wide shots and also in partial shots. When a scene shows a hand that pushes a button it is most likely a hand double. Photo doubles were also used in scenes which show the same person twice, one as a mirror person and the other one as the "real" person or an older version of the character, for example, when Brent Spiner played 3 separate characters in one scene (Data, Lore, and Soong) in "Brothers".

For the main cast

Star Trek: The Original Series

Don Eitner as body double for William Shatner

Eddie Paskey as body double for William Shatner

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Brent Spiner and his photo double Ken Gilden

Cameron, ready to stand-in for Gates McFadden

Guy Vardaman doubling Brent Spiner's hands

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Terry Farrell's photo double in "If Wishes Were Horses"

James Minor as photo double for Michael Dorn

Chuck Shanks as photo double for Rene Auberjonois

Star Trek: Voyager

Jennifer Lien and her photo double Amy Kate Connolly

Star Trek: Enterprise

David Keith Anderson, stand-in for Anthony Montgomery

Star Trek films

Guy Vardaman as double for Brent Spiner

The main stand-ins on Star Trek: Insurrection

For the Recurring and guest cast

Star Trek: The Original Series

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Dennis Tracy and Randy James, standing-in for Patrick Stewart and Wil Wheaton

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Randy Oglesby's photo double in "Vortex"

Star Trek: Voyager

Star Trek: Enterprise

Tarik Ergin as stand-in for the CGI Xindi Insectoids

David Keith Anderson as stand-in for the CGI Tholian

Melissa Vinicor, Marina Sirtis' stand-in on Enterprise

Star Trek films

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