Star Fleet Battle Group Omega

Star Fleet Battle Group Omega was a fleet of eight Federation starships, one of which was the USS Enterprise-E.

In 2379, Battle Group Omega was diverted to sector 1045 to rendezvous with the Enterprise, which was returning from Romulan space with the Reman warbird Scimitar, under the command of Shinzon, in pursuit. However, the Enterprise crew was forced to face the Scimitar without the support of the fleet, when Shinzon ambushed the Enterprise in the Bassen Rift. Ultimately, the Enterprise succeeded in destroying the Scimitar without the fleet's assistance. (Star Trek Nemesis)

Ships in Star Fleet Battle Group Omega



In Star Trek Online, Starfleet has mobilized Battle Group Omega to the Gamma Orionis Sector Block to counter the renewed threat of the Borg in 2409. This version of the battle group is composed of dozens of starships, with the flagship being the USS Victory (β) (a Galaxy-class starship that has undergone the same refit depicted in the anti-time future of TNG: "All Good Things...").

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