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Star Fleet Missions is a card-based Star Fleet Universe game that was produced by Task Force Games. It pre-dates the much more complex Star Fleet Battle Force, produced by original SFU creators Amarillo Design Bureau. The game play was extremely simple, and somewhat similar to the classic Top Trumps card game.

The game consisted of two decks of cards: one deck of 110 Ship Cards, and a second deck of 48 Mission Cards. The Ship Card deck consisted of six "races" – Federation, Klingon, Romulan, Gorn, Tholian, and Orion Pirate – with eighteen cards representing different ship classes used by that race. Each ship had five "ratings" – Space Combat, Marines, Diplomacy, Science, and Cargo – ranging from one to sixteen points. These were used to determine how suitable a particular ship would be for a given mission. There were also two "Legendary Captain" cards (usable with any race, although the captains depicted are Federation and Klingon) with scores of twenty in all five ratings. The Mission deck consisted of different missions requiring different ship ratings to complete them. Some missions required or excluded certain race's cards, or required certain combinations of ratings to complete.

Game play required shuffling both decks separately, dealing five Ship Cards to each player and dealing 37 Mission Cards to the center of the table (the rest of the Mission Cards were put out of play). Missions were revealed one at a time, and players would have to play a card or cards face down in front of them that they believed would give the highest point total. All players then revealed their cards, and the highest point total in the given rating(s) won the Mission. (Ties were broken by playing additional "reinforcement" cards in the given rating(s).) Players would then draw new Ship Cards to bring their hands back up to five cards. The player who won the most Missions after the last one is played wins the game. Ties are broken by playing one last tie-breaker Mission among the tied players.

The included rules sheet also features several variant games that can be played with the decks, including using the Ship Card deck as an expanded standard playing card deck for various games. The game itself is no longer available from ADB, although it is still listed on their site as part of the "Products of the Star Fleet Universe" section.