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A crossover between Marvel's X-Men superhero team and the original Star Trek crew.


The insane, reality-altering Mutant called Proteus has found a kindred spirit in a nearby universe – Gary Mitchell. The two power-mad beings are drawing their two realities together; and the X-Men, the Shi'Ar Empire and the crew of the Enterprise must try to stop them – or both universes will be destroyed.

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Memorable quotes[]

"Did he just… punch my ship?"

- Kirk, after the Enterprise was indeed punched by the Shi'ar Gladiator

"Dr. McCoy?"

- Bones & Beast (Hank McCoy) reply simultaneously to Nurse Chapel, then do a double-take at each other

"Mutant? As in the old Earth term 'Homo Sapiens Superior'?"

- Spock

[Together] "Friend of yours?"

- Kirk and Cyclops respond simultaneously to the combined threat

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The Beast; Bishop; Cyclops; Elizabeth Dehner; Delta Vega; USS Enterprise; Gambit; Gladiator; Jean Grey; Remy LeBeau; Logan; Hank McCoy; Gary Mitchell; Ororo Munroe; Lilandra Neramani; Phoenix; Proteus; psionic energy; Shi'ar Empire; Storm; Scott Summers; Wolverine; X-Men.

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