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Star Trek: 25th Anniversary is a video game for the Nintendo Entertainment System.


The original series crew must navigate the Enterprise back to Sigma Iotia after falling into a hole in space.


Gameplay screenshot


Hikaru Sulu reports the USS Enterprise is entering the Sigma Iotia system. After Captain James T. Kirk orders the ship to slow to impulse power, the ship experiences turbulence. Kirk orders Spock to scan the sector; the sensors reveal unusual fluctuations in gravity and magnetic fields, centered around the planet Sigma Iotia. Pavel Chekov describes the disturbance as a "big hole in space," and a further scan by Spock reveals the disturbance is a dimensional rupture. The effect begins to draw Enterprise closer. Kirk orders engines stopped, but the ship continues to fall closer even as reverse thrust is applied. Montgomery Scott warns the engines are beginning to heat when Kirk orders emergency warp speed. The ship is dragged forward faster, reaching warp 9. Spock reports disruptions in both space and time, and Scotty reports imminent engine shutdown even as Kirk orders more thrust. The starship is thrown clear through a strange warp effect. Chekov reports the effect is gone, but Uhura cannot raise Starfleet on any subspace channel. Spock reports the navigation computer confirms they have been deposited outside of known space.

Level 1

Kirk makes a captain's log entry about the ship's predicament. Scotty reports the mains are shut down, and the dilithium crystals are fused, leaving the ship on battery power. The Enterprise has two hours until their orbit decays, but Spock reports dilithium deposits on the surface. Kirk decides to beam down.

Spock informs Kirk in the turbolift that the dilithium is under an Aztec pyramid-like structure which is generating a large amount of energy. The landing party beams down.


  • Based on Star Trek created by Gene Roddenberry.
  • Design by Wesley Yanagai
  • Produced by Michael Quarles
  • Associate producer: Pete Pavich
  • Programmed by:
    • Jim Sproul
    • John Philip Britt
    • Michael W. Stragey
  • Additional Programming:
    • Alan Pavlish
    • Michael Quarles
  • Artwork by
    • Brian Giberson
    • Jason "Snake" Magness
    • Scott Bieser
    • Dan Burke
  • Soundtrack arranged by: Scott Larocca



gravitational disturbance; Sigma Iotia system

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