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Star Trek Alliance

Star Trek: Alliance is a single- or multi-player table game set within the Star Trek universe that debuted at retail in February 2021 and is produced by WizKids.

The game was created by Josh Derksen, Dylan Birtolo, and Thomas Gofton of Lynnvander Studios.

Starship miniatures and upgrades from this set are compatible with the previously-released Star Trek: Attack Wing game. [1]

Dominion War Campaign

Game box

Released as the first stand-alone installment of the Star Trek: Alliance game, the Dominion War Campaign premiered at retail in February 2021.

Typically, two players enter the game as Federation captains and cooperate to customize, upgrade, and assign crew members to their newly-created task force.

During game play, players work together to defeat a Dominion fleet over six campaign scenarios set in 2371. Experience points gained during missions are used to enhance each player's ships' abilities, as the game progresses.

Alliance can also be played as a one-player game, and with the purchase of additional copies of the base set, up to six players can join in. It is rated as suitable for those over fourteen years of age and a typical game's duration is estimated at thirty minutes.

As with the Attack Wing game, the Dominion and Federation vessels have special statistics, abilities, and maneuvers displayed on separate "HeroClix Maneuver Dials". For its gaming mechanics, a unique version of the "FlightPath maneuver system" is used, under license from Fantasy Flight Games. [2]

The game's painted starship miniatures are very similar to those produced for the Star Trek: Tactics game but Alliance's Federation ships, like Attack Wing's ships, do not have names or registries painted onto their hulls, allowing them to represent more than one vessel of the same class. Unpainted versions of some of the miniatures were also released earlier in the Star Trek: Fleet Captains and Star Trek: Frontiers games, the latter in a scaled-down form.


The game box includes 1 Rule book, 1 (six-mission) Campaign book, 13 Maneuver templates, 2 Maneuver dials, 122 tokens, 66 cards, 12 dice, 1 Range Ruler, bases and pegs, and the following starship miniatures:

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