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Star Trek: Away Team is a strategy game published by Activision in 2001. It chronicles the missions of the crew of the USS Incursion, an experimental Starfleet commando ship equipped with holographic masking technology allowing it to impersonate any vessel. The crew of specially trained commandos must face a threat to galactic peace from a far-reaching conspiracy known as the "Wardens."


From the packaging
Deadlocked in a desperate war, the Federation creates a covert team of specialists trained to eliminate problems Starfleet can't officially touch. Their identity is undocumented; their purpose is essential. Beneath a veil of secrecy, your team awaits its orders...
  • Medical, Engineering, Security, Science and Command experts form your Away Team according to your specific mission objectives.
  • Complex alien surroundings are the setting for your stealth missions, including Romulan outposts, Borg cubes, and unpredictable foreign landscapes.
  • Select from 17 highly trained specialists to form the perfect squad for each mission.
  • Covert military operations take your team into a wide range of life and death missions.
  • Grenades and other unique weapons complement your standard-issue arsenal.
  • Use espionage and stealth combat tactics, including sniper rifle assaults.

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Star Trek: Away Team plays from a top-down isometric view. Prior to each mission the player must choose an away team from a roster of crew members. Each branch is represented – Command, Operations, and Sciences – by several members to choose from, each with different strengths and weaknesses. In addition to the away team members, the player must also choose which equipment is carried by each member.

The overall plot is advanced during away team missions, and the objectives of each mission often change during the mission due to circumstances of the plot. In between missions the story is advanced with rendered cut scenes.

  • Mission 1: Klingon Base on Rigel 4
  • Mission 2: The Leyte Gulf
  • Mission 3: Romulan Base on Chetzia 3
  • Mission 4: Starfleet Academy
  • Mission 5: Starfleet Headquarters
  • Mission 6: Qo'noS Rescue
  • Mission 7: Borg Rescue
  • Mission 8: Qo'noS Outpost
  • Mission 9: Klingon High Council
  • Mission 10: Federation Space Station
  • Mission 11: Undercover on Romulus
  • Mission 12: Demolition on Romulus
  • Mission 13: Borg Hostages
  • Mission 14: Chetzia 3 Nanite Factory
  • Mission 15: The USS Monitor
  • Mission 16: Borg Negotiations
  • Mission 17: Warden Base on Vulcan
  • Mission 18: Warden Headquarters


  • USS Incursion (NX-74808): Starfleet's latest prototype stealth ship.


Command Officers
  • Captain Marcus Refelian
  • Commander Quint Freedman: Incursion's first officer, bringing extensive training from his time with Section 31 and growing up in a Maori reservation in New Zealand
  • Lieutenant Yulana Oxila: Former member of the Starfleet Medical Corps, this Betazoid is an explosives and locksmith expert
Engineering Officers
  • Lt. Commander Brexen Ijoula: Chief engineer and joined Trill, she designed and built the "teleportation brig" and "stasis field generator" used by away teams
  • Lieutenant Matrina Sedik: An junior engineer and particle weapon expert
  • Ensign Slovaak: A Vulcan engineer capable of "enhanced mind melds"
Medical Officers
Science Officers
  • Lt. Commander Ivan Verov
  • Ensign Yraxyz: A Bolian officer with expertise in alien computers and botany
  • Ensign Aloram Vas: A junior Bajoran officer
  • Ensign Wes Pulaski: Helped develop many technologies used aboard the Incursion. Nephew of Doctor Katherine Pulaski.
Security Officers
  • Lieutenant Vin Asunder
  • Ensign Sinjin Kirk: Grand-nephew of James T. Kirk; his father, Sam's son Craig, had been visiting family in Iowa at the time of "Operation -- Annihilate!".
  • Lt. Commander T'Andorla
  • Ensign Ty Mijoral

Background information

  • Voiceovers were recorded at Pop Sound and Salami Studios.
  • The prototype ship used by the away team is similar in form and function to the Defiant-class vessels seen on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
  • This game marked the introduction of the unique holo-cloaking technology. In the Romulan campaign of Star Trek: Starfleet Command III, the Romulans steal the holo-cloaking technology from the Federation and use it against them.
  • The USS Incursion is a controllable vessel in the final mission of the Borg campaign in Star Trek: Armada II.


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