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Issue 123 of Star Trek: Communicator was the June 1999/July 1999 issue of the regular run. The issue was the second of two special Star Trek: Deep Space Nine retrospective editions that marked the end of that series. This issue featured interviews with many of the main and recurring actors, as well as writers and production members.


Sensor readings

  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine wrap party at the Mondrian Hotel Skybar, William Shatner to guest star in Third Rock From the Sun

"Bon Voyage, Part Two"

Exclusive Feature

"It Takes A Crew To Make A Station"

  • Photographs of the production staff of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Holodeck Adventures

Building Treknology

  • "Consider: Life on a Space Station"

Background information

  • The issue had a pullout poster featuring the Defiant and a Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode guide.

Issue 122 Star Trek: Communicator
Issue 122 – June 1999/July 1999
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