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Issue 133 of Star Trek: Communicator was the June/July 2001 issue of the regular run.

Contents Edit

Star Trek UpdateEdit

Sensor ReadingsEdit

  • J. Kelley Burke, "Scientific Method", pp. 12-13, 68

On the ViewscreenEdit

  • "End of the Trek of Voyager", pp. 14-15


  • Larry Nemecek, "Farewell Voyager, Part One", pp. 17-25
  • Melissa Perenson, "Jonathan Frakes (and the low-down on those reshoots)", pp. 22-24
  • Gayle Stever, "Shifting Roles; Rene Auberjonois on life after Odo", pp. 26-29, 70
  • Kevin Dilmore, "Deep Space Nine Returns", pp. 30-34
  • William S. McCullars, "Enterprise '64, Part 2", pp. 44-51
  • Kevin Dilmore, "The Women of Star Trek", pp. 52-57

Rec DeckEdit

  • "Dealt a Quandrant, Lost a Ship: Decipher introduces a CCG newcomer' set"

Data AccessEdit

  • Richard Arnold, Lee Philips, "Untold Stories & video secrets", pp. 62-63

Building TeknologyEdit

  • Terry Ray Hiller, "Delta Trek; An odyssey's inventory", pp. 60-61

Great Material ContinuumEdit

  • "Missed trivia? The Mirror Universe lives? 'Check' this out!", pp. 64-66, 72

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Issue 133 – June/July 2001
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