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Issue 148 of Star Trek: Communicator was the February/March 2004 issue of the regular run.

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Briefing Edit

  • Dan Madsen, "Star Trek Update: The ratings are up – and producer Rick Berman reveals what's on the way", pp. 13-16
  • J. Kelley Burke, "Sensor Readings: 'Enterprise? Oh yes – weren't you one of the little people?'", pp. 18-23



  • Davis A. McIntee, "The Dark Side of Vulcan Logic", pp. 38-43
  • James Careless, "From Model to CGI", pp. 44-51
  • David Maddox, "Make it so, Computer: The history of Star Trek video games", pp. 52-57
  • Kim Logie, "Crowning another Champ: Historic year for the annual Star Trek CCG world championships", pp. 58-59


  • Fleet File: "DY-100 class: SS Botany Bay", pp. 62-65
  • Robert Rysztak, Rich Handley, "Rec Deck: One quarter impulse: replaying the Star Trek arcade games", pp. 66-69
  • Richard Arnold, "Data Access: Mystery music, mystery sets, mystery faces, mystery plumbing!", pp. 70-73
  • Terry Ray Hiller, "Building Treknology: Space sailing; Harnessing solar winds-now and in the future", pp. 74-77
  • Jim Brumbaugh, "Great Material Continuum" (contemporary merchandise reviews), pp. 78-82

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Issue 148 – February/March 2004
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