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Issue 152 of Star Trek: Communicator was the October/November 2004 issue, and the annual "behind-the-scenes" issue.

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  • Discussion on Michael Westmore and Star Trek prosthetics.
  • Discussion on Jim Mees and Star Trek sets.
  • Making sets for Star Trek: Enterprise.
  • Special effects in Star Trek: Enterprise with special effects coordinator Rich Ratliff.
  • Discussion with Manny Coto.
  • Discussion on Star Trek communicators and how they were made.
  • Discussion on the A Time to... series of novels.

Tech Edit

  • USS Prometheus specifications (integrated and MVAM).
  • Predictions on interstellar commerce of the future.

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  • Mobile Star Trek gaming

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Issue 151 Star Trek: Communicator
Issue 152 – October/November 2004
Issue 153
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