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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is a comic book series published by IDW Publishing that began in December 2009. Only one miniseries has been released to date.

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  • Harris commented that he thought the DS9 comics would not link into Pocket Books' own Deep Space Nine relaunch series, stating "I would speculate that they will not interface with the DS9 Relaunch novels from Pocket Books. IDW has always been quite independent in its Trek storytelling, and I would expect that it will pursue its own creative path without the obligation to proactively incorporate the prose-novel efforts. IDW will probably do what it can to avoid actively contradicting such stories, but keep in mind that both producing comics and novels remains acutely work-intensive, and it's difficult enough already to keep in mind 168 episodes of the TV series, let alone what happens on every page of every novel that Pocket Books has ever published. Add to that the fact that Senior Editor Marco Palmieri has been laid off from Pocket without replacement and Paramount recently lost the encyclopaedic knowledge of Trek guru Paula Block, and you can start to imagine the difficulties involved". [2]
  • Comic writer Declan Shalvey has expressed interest in writing a Star Trek: Deep Space Nine for IDW Publishing. Shalvey discussed his plans briefly with Chris Ryall. [3]