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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – Avatar is a Pocket DS9 novel duology, written by S.D. Perry and published by Pocket Books in 2003.

The duology forms the first instalment of the Deep Space Nine relaunch series, following events aboard the station after the final episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, "What You Leave Behind".

Novels Edit

  1. Avatar, Book One
  2. Avatar, Book Two

Background information Edit

  • The two novels were later reprinted as part of the Twist of Faith omnibus.
  • When asked why the crew of the USS Enterprise were also featured in Avatar, Marco Palmieri commented: "It's fun. It's a bonus. It's relevant to the story, and it has echoes of "Emissary", which is fitting for what I think as a new beginning for DS9". [1]
  • Palmieri would later regret releasing Avatar as two books instead of one, noting that "it was plotted as two novels, and I really believed the execution would bear that out […] but I can see now that it should have been a single book.". (Voyages of Imagination, p. 259)
  • The cover art by Cliff Nielsen forms a diptych.

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