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VHS release
Series: DS9
No. of tapes: 1
Run time: 50 minutes (NTSC, US)
48 minutes (PAL, UK documentary part)
Director: Donald R. Beck
Release date: 8 November 1993 (UK)
20 July 1994 (US)
Rating(s): Not Rated BBFC - Parental Guidance
Reference: ASIN B0000577CK (VHR 2816, UK)
ASIN 6303115551 (850713, US)

Alt cover

Alt cover

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – Behind the Scenes was a fifty minute documentary hosted by Terry Farrell that looked at the creation of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, specifically its pilot episode "Emissary". Written by Stephen R. Wolcott and directed by Donald R. Beck, the documentary first aired on 4 January 1993 as a syndicated special of the by Paramount Television produced current media affairs show Entertainment Tonight, at the time the franchise's primary publicity outlet for anything live-action Star Trek related.

In the documentary, Farrell (Jadzia Dax) takes the viewer on a tour around the Deep Space 9 sets. The feature also has interviews with the cast, producers, writers and other production staff members and takes a look at the making of "Emissary".

It was later that year included as a special feature on the November 1993 UK "Special Collector's Edition" VHS release of "Emissary", while being issued seven months later in the US as the July 1994 stand-alone VHS release. The US tape came within a carton slipcover, whereas the UK tape came within a more posh hardboard box packaging with copper imprint. Copies of the UK release were individually numbered, with at least 19,434 produced, and came with a 16 page introductory color booklet to the series.

The documentary has never been reissued in its entirety on any of the later home video formats afterwards, though some (excerpts of the) interviews were included as special features in the Season 1 and Season 2 DVD sets after all, mostly as "Hidden Files" aka Easter eggs.


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