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In Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Harbinger you play a young Tirrion envoy of the elite Federation Diplomatic Corps, in training to be an ambassador between your people and the Federation. Upon arriving at Deep Space 9, you discover a murder has taken place, and your talents are needed to aid the crew in solving it. Mysterious aliens have also arrived on board, who may be friend or foe, and they have trouble speaking any language known to your people. You must struggle to solve the murder and find out how to communicate with the aliens, all to save the Gamma Quadrant from annihilation.

Background information

  • Hilary J. Bader was the story consultant and contributed some of the game's plot. Ken Ecklund and Sarah Stocker were the writers for the game.
  • The stardate given by Envoy Bannik, combined with Sisko's rank of captain with his goatee and unshaven head, firmly places the game between "The Adversary" and "The Way of the Warrior".
  • This game is primarily an intellectual puzzle game, similar to Myst and other such games. The designers appear to have made a conscious effort to make the game feel like an episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, complete with the opening credits mimicking those of the series, including the traveling comet with its tail of ice crystals.
  • To explain why Deep Space 9 has so few people on board, a plasma storm is around the station forcing the station to run on with skeleton crew. There are technical reasons for so few characters as the game engine mainly due to the use of "pre-rendered" images.


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