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Storytelling on the frontier...
Welcome to the shadowy universe of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
Give new life and greater depth to your Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Roleplaying Game episodes. This indispensable guide provides Star Trek: DS9 Narrators with all the tools they need to create and run engaging adventures set in this compelling universe. An extensive gazetteer also includes a detailed look at the Bajor Sector, including its planets, inhabitants, and neighboring starfaring powers. Finally, a handy, fold-out reference screen includes all of the key charts and tables from the game. Prepare to experience the thrill of creating and directing your own Star Trek: DS9 roleplaying episodes!
The Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Narrator's Toolkit includes:
  • Basic and advanced storytelling fundamentals
  • Guidelines for scene creation and episode construction
  • Information and suggestions on running static series centered on a station or frontier outpost
  • An extensive guide to the Bajor Sector, its worlds, and its people
  • Detailed examinations of the Bajoran people, the Cardassian Union, the Ferengi Alliance, and the Maquis rebels

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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Narrator's Toolkit is a sourcebook for the Last Unicorn Games Star Trek RPG.

  • Introduction
  • Part One - The Final Frontier
  • A Tangled Web
  • Outpost Life
  • Part Two - Dramatic Engineering
  • Narrating
  • Creating Scenes and Episodes
  • Bajor Sector
  • Appendix: Forms

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