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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – The Left Hand of Destiny is a two-part Pocket DS9 novel series, written by J.G. Hertzler and Jeffrey Lang, and published by Pocket Books in 2003 as part of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's tenth anniversary celebration.

The duology forms part of the Deep Space Nine relaunch series, although chronologically it takes place before the events of the Avatar novels, just after "What You Leave Behind".

With the Dominion War over, Chancellor Martok returns to Qo'noS to begin his official reign. However, a coup d'état takes place, plunging the Klingon Empire into civil war.


  1. The Left Hand of Destiny, Book One
  2. The Left Hand of Destiny, Book Two

Background information[]

  • The Left Hand of Destiny came about when Pocket editor Marco Palmieri decided to create a Klingon story featuring Martok in the vein of King Arthur. Palmieri commented: "When Martok became chancellor of the Empire on DS9, that's how I kept seeing him, and I started drawing Arthurian connections to various characters and elements around him.". (Voyages of Imagination, p. 267)
  • With the concept in mind, Palmieri approached Hertzler to develop it further, which lead to the conclusion that "Martok's arc should take him from being a reluctant leader who was forced into office to a man who finally understood who he was enough to willingly take the mantle of leadership". Hertzler then worked for two years to develop the outline and two manuscripts. With the manuscripts not quite up to scratch, Palmieri brought in Jeffrey Lang to reshape the novels in the remaining eight months; Lang noting that "there was no way I could rewrite the thing because the changes just kept accumulating. […] So, reluctantly, I decided I had to start from the beginning." (Voyages of Imagination, p. 267)

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