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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - The Official Poster Magazine was a short-lived monthly publication produced by Titan Magazines under the banner of "Star Trek Monthly Publications". A preview issue - "Issue 0" - was produced and given away free with Star Trek Monthly issue 18. The magazine ended abruptly at fourteen issues after a year in publication with at least one more issue planned. The fifteenth issue would have focused on "Accession" and featured interviews with Ira Steven Behr and Rosalind Chao. In Star Trek Monthly issue 36, it was announced that the magazine was "on hiatus due to in-house changes".

A spin-off from the successful Star Trek Monthly, each issue of the magazine focused on a specific episode from the fourth season, including a fold-out, large-format poster with art related to the episode and an interview with one or more relevant Star Trek figure (including Ira Steven Behr in most issues), a detailed episode guide, articles on characters or races, trivia and broadcast dates.


Issue # Cover date Cover Contents
0 None DS9 Poster Magazine issue 0 cover Episode focus: "Emissary".

Guide to the 24th century.
Poster: Benjamin Sisko.

1 September 1996 DS9 Poster Magazine issue 1 cover Episode focus: "The Way of the Warrior".

Behind the scenes on "The Way of the Warrior".
Poster: "The Way of the Warrior" promotional art.

2 October 1996 DS9 Poster Magazine issue 2 cover Episode focus: "The Visitor".

Interviews with Cirroc Lofton and Tony Todd.
Poster: Benjamin Sisko and Jake.

3 November 1996 DS9 Poster Magazine issue 3 cover Episode focus: "Hippocratic Oath".

Interview with Michael Westmore.

4 December 1996 DS9 Poster Magazine issue 4 cover Episode focus: "Indiscretion".

Profile of Kasidy Yates.
Cardassian makeup design.

5 January 1997 DS9 Poster Magazine issue 5 cover Episode focus: "Rejoined".

Behind the scenes of "Rejoined".
Interview with Susanna Thompson.

6 February 1997 DS9 Poster Magazine issue 6 cover Episode focus: "Little Green Men".

Interview with Armin Shimerman.

7 March 1997 DS9 Poster Magazine issue 7 cover
Partial cover
Episode focus: "Starship Down".

Designing the USS Defiant.

8 April 1997 DS9 Poster Magazine issue 8 cover Episode focus: "The Sword of Kahless".

Interviews with Terry Farrell and John Colicos.

9 May 1997 DS9 Poster Magazine issue 9 cover Episode focus: "Our Man Bashir".

Poster: A poster by Alister Pearson in the style of a James Bond movie poster.

10 June 1997 DS9 Poster Magazine issue 10 cover Episode focus: "Homefront" & "Paradise Lost".

Behind the scenes on "Homefront" & "Paradise Lost".
Interview with Herschel Sparber.
Free photocard.

11 July 1997 DS9 Poster Magazine issue 11 cover Episode focus: "Crossfire".

Interviews with Nana Visitor and Duncan Regehr.

12 August 1997 DS9 Poster Magazine issue 12 cover Episode focus: "Return to Grace".

Interview with Marc Alaimo.

13 September 1997 DS9 Poster Magazine issue 13 cover Episode focus: "Sons of Mogh".

Interviews with Tony Todd and Ronald D. Moore.

14 October 1997 DS9 Poster Magazine issue 14 cover Episode focus: "Bar Association".

Interviews with Armin Shimerman and Chase Masterson.

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