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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Voice Print was a computer program developed by QVoice and released in 1995. It featured the voices of Avery Brooks, Rene Auberjonois, Armin Shimerman, and Majel Barrett. The program locked and protected programs on a PC and would only unlock them when the correct voice was spoken. The program also allowed a person to record and play back a message.

A 1998 updated edition added facial recognition capabilities to the software.

Publisher's description

Voice print technology is no longer science fiction. It has become science fact.
Windows and PC Magazine editors called this voice and encryption programme "remarkable", “innovative”, “easy to use" and “unbreakable." Now we’ve brought the power of voice print technology to every Star Trek fan. It limits access to a PC, its data and encrypted directories by requiring not a password, but a voice match. The program uses the unique vocal characteristics of the human voice to create a voice print. Like a fingerprint no two voices are identical. If your voice is verified you're in; if not, you’re rejected. Limit access to the internet, adult material and restrict excessive game play. Includes security shields and complete set of DS9 communication emblems.

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