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Star Trek: Designing Starships The Kelvin Timeline is the third hardcover reference book in the Designing Starships series and was co-authored by Ben Robinson and Marcus Riley. Eaglemoss Collections first published the book on 27 November 2017.

Under Eaglemoss' Hero Collector imprint, a mass-market edition was published by Eaglemoss Collections through Penguin Random House's Publisher Services division on 30 April 2019. A dust jacket is included with both releases.

Comprised of starship design articles compiled from issues of the Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection partwork magazine and combined with new material, this volume focuses on starships from the alternate reality, now officially designated as the "Kelvin Timeline". [1]


From the website
Star Trek: Designing Starships Volume Three is the story of how some of the most talented designers in Hollywood created STAR TREK's starships from the first sketches to the finished models that appeared on the screen.
This hardback book covers over a dozen new ships from the modern STAR TREK movies, from the Enterprise to a fleet of Federation ships that was barely seen. Along the way, it covers the thinking behind Klingon and Romulan ships and the heavily-armed U.S.S. Vengeance.

Excerpts of copyrighted sources are included for review purposes only, without any intention of infringement.


  • Contents, p. 5
  • Designing The USS Enterprise, p. 8
  • Designing The USS Kelvin, p. 28
  • Designing The Jellyfish, p. 42
  • Designing The Narada, p. 56
  • Designing The Armada *, p. 72
  • Designing The USS Vengeance, p. 80
  • Designing The D4 Bird-of-Prey, p. 98
  • Designing The USS Franklin, p. 114
  • Designing The Altamid Swarm Ship, p. 128
  • Designing The USS Yorktown †, p. 142
  • Designing The USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A, p. 150
  • Designing The Forgotten Ships ‡, p. 156
* Refers to the Federation fleet sent to avert the destruction of Vulcan
Typo: refers to Yorktown, the starbase
Includes the USS Armstrong, USS Defiant, USS Excelsior, USS Mayflower, USS Newton, and a number of John Eaves' unused concept designs

Background information

The Narada was considered for inclusion in the Starships Collection as early as 2012 but the model was ultimately not released, though the text for the accompanying magazine appears to have been partially completed. Due to the intricate design of the studio model, it was deemed "impossible" to turn into a suitable miniature, according to project manager Ben Robinson, and has proven to be the only starship design the company has been unable to bring to market. [2]

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