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Star Trek: Discovering the TV Series - The Original Series, The Animated Series and The Next Generation


How well do you know Star Trek?
Lifelong science fiction fan, podcaster, and author Tom Salinsky decided that the answer was "not well enough", and so at the beginning of 2022, he embarked on a two-year mission to watch everything from the start of The Original Series to the end of Enterprise, at the rate of one episode per day. This book is the first part of that odyssey, covering the 79 television episodes which started it all, the animated series which briefly brought it back in the 1970s, the first six original movies and the full run of The Next Generation.
As well as having fun saluting the show's triumphs, cringing at its lapses in taste, and admiring its willingness to swing for the fences, there's lots of fascinating behind-the-scenes information here. Why were salt-cellars unchanged in the 23rd century? Was Gene Roddenberry really not allowed to show a woman's belly button? How many characters get killed during the run of The Animated Series? Who actually wrote the script for Wrath of Khan? How did Paramount get Next Generation on the air when no network would touch it?
But you’ll also get the benefit of a complete overview of this landmark series, watching it unfold and familiar elements appear – often much later than you think. When's the first mention of the Federation? Of Kirk's time being the 23rd century? Of there being no money in the future? And some elements appear rather earlier than you might think – which episode is the first to feature a Holodeck?
Whether you're a die-hard fan, a casual viewer, or just someone interested in the history of television, you'll adore coming on this daily journey though the highs and lows of one of the most significant and much-loved media properties in the world.