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Star Trek: Discovery Logs is a social media companion to Discovery season three and four.

Launched on 8 October 2020, the account consists of weekly personal logs of the crew of the USS Discovery and Federation officials in short videos released to the social media website Instagram.

Video list[]

  • Michael Burnham (released 8 October 2020)
    • "I don't know what I expected of the future, but this isn't it. Travel and resources are severely limited. The Federation's a distant memory. It all started with something called The Burn. Hoping my new friend, if I can even call him that, will be able to give me some answers. I honestly have no idea what the next sunrise will bring... other than it will be my first day in this new tomorrow, a chance to start again. All things considered, that is an amazing gift. Where there is life, there is hope. There is always hope." [1]
  • Cleveland Booker (released 15 October 2020)
    • "At first, I thought I collided with debris from an old ship. Yeah, that would have been bad enough. But no, just my luck, exiting the wormhole was, in fact, a person. Time traveler. Says she hasn't heard of the biggest galactic event in a millennia, wears the badge of the old Federation like a reenactor. Can't believe The Burn could have happened, let alone changed everything... Space debris would have been so much simpler. But, if I'm being honest, long-haul runs with Grudge may have gotten a bit stale. Nice to have someone else to talk to, so I'll help her out for a bit. Provided she doesn't make my ears bleed with tales of the good ol' days... until next time, Cleveland Booker. Out." [2]
  • Philippa Georgiou (released 22 October 2020)
    • "Having seen what passes for power in this new era, an old Terran proverb comes to mind: "There is no greater solitude than the mountaintop, and no grander view of all the vulnerable." Zareh was a joke. Little more than a loud dog with his tail between his legs. I'd pity him if he were worthy of a second thought. What he said about the Burn, however... now that is intriguing. Whoever was responsible may actually be cunning enough to keep me from being bored, here. It's been over a century, I can only hope they are still alive. A worthy adversary if there were ever were..." [3]
  • Paul Stamets (released 2 November 2020)
    • "The Burn, a galaxy-wide event that seems... "Impossible" is a tricky word, especially considering my personal history. Oh, let's face it, we're all way beyond impossible. But for something to affect dilithium across the galaxy in an instant? How do we even begin to make sense of that? I ordered Linus to astrometrics to run calculations using dynamic phase grids to see if we could determine an origin point... a pointless exercise, frankly. We don't even have nearly enough information yet. Lieutenant Nilsson had a suggestion to... well, honestly I wasn't listening when she told me. She's a little out of her depth here. I think we all are..." [4]
  • Hugh Culber (released 9 November 2020)
    • "I'm still thinking about the sphere data, how it found such a specific solution to our need for connection and joy. A 20th-century film, of all things. How did it know? Somehow, since we've got here, it's... changed, maybe triggered by the new technology we integrated making repairs from the crash. Or maybe it was always a film buff and only chose to speak up now. Who knows? I do agree with the captain that it seems to want to protect us. Makes me wonder if it can, somehow, help us figure out what the Burn... If we can do that, maybe we can also figure out how to put the Federation back together again. If anyone can do it, I believe this is the crew that can." [5]
  • Linus (released 9 November 2020)
    • "I have wonderful news. Tonight, at precisely 21:40 hours, Her Royal Highness, the Emperor Georgiou, graciously accepted my gift... of popcorn. After inadvertently (and rather publicly) shedding on her favorite uniform, I made repeated efforts at a peace offering, to no avail. I'd nearly lost hope of ever receiving her attention again, but after this evening, it is clear that the name Linus is no longer anathema to her. I can die in happiness. Though I'd prefer not to... die, that is. At least not before the next movie night. Oh! I must find out when that will be. Excuse me..." [6]
  • Saru (released 16 November 2020)
    • "I have learned that my home planet of Kaminar has joined the Federation. I am beyond grateful... and, I admit, it is proving an emotional and intellectual challenge to accept that Kelpien and Ba'ul have reconciled our most difficult past, that Kaminar has forged a peaceful path forward. It seems inconceivable... yet it is true. It is a testament to the triumph of the sentient spirit that with faith, conviction, and a genuine desire for change, there is no gulf so wide that it cannot be bridged. This gives me hope. For us, for the many worlds that still struggle, and for the Federation... that it will one day bring them all together again." [7]
  • Jett Reno (released 23 November 2020)
    • "Personal Log, Commander Jett Reno. Because who else would be standing in my quarters talking to a computer? Anyway, the retrofit's finally done, and we're catching up on nine hundred years of technology, which is going so well that I now have to install pattern buffers around every 'fresher in the damn ship. Thanks, Linus. And don't get me started on programmable matter. How the hell am I supposed to put that back together when it breaks. Little pieces of... whatever they are. New holodecks are cool, though. Risa sounds good right about now... Me. A beach. No one around as far as the eye can see. Except maybe the cat. I feel like I could deal with the cat..." [8]
  • Joann Owosekun (released 30 November 2020)
    • "Personal log, which I hardly ever do first thing, but I woke up, and for a moment, forgot where I was. Then I saw my programmable matter clock... I keep wondering when this future will feel like home. It's so different... crazy to think how fast it all changed. How easily. The structure, the institutions we believe are so secure? They aren't. They can fall. Anything can fall... it can feel disheartening, but then I remember what I learned growing up. That the survival of a community depends on the efforts of the individuals within it. Which means, if we work together, we can make tomorrow anything we want it to be. The Burn doesn't have to define us. It won't. We won't let it." [9]
  • Paul Stamets (released 7 December 2020)
    • "Commander Paul Stamets, personal log. I had this moment with Adira today... I feel like I should be talking about how they opened up to me – but what I'm thinking about, instead, is a staircase... when I was a kid, there was this spot at the top of stairs where I'd sit in my pajamas, holding a test score or a report card, hoping my dad would come home before bedtime, because the only time he actually looked me in the eye – saw me in any way – was when I showed I was smart, like him. Usually, he'd be working too late, but I'd wait as long as I could... just counting the fibers in that section of carpet. 7,461. I'm not Adira's dad, of course, but whatever I am... I want them to know I see them. Not just because they're smart, but for all the other things they are, too. They deserve to feel that, we all do..." [10]
  • Michael Burnham (mirror) (released 14 December 2020)
    • "Michael Burnham, personal log, recorded under security encryption gamma.
      After six months, mother, the Emperor, has returned to
      Discovery a changed woman. Uncertain. Embarrassing, Weaker than ever. Cowering behind her pompous new imperial flagship.
      Even those who once supported her can no longer deny that her time has passed... She spared a Kelpien's life. Publicly. What is the point of crushing a slave rebellion if none other than the Emperor, herself, show mercy to slaves? And if our enemies heard of this? Obviously, that cannot be permitted. Mother taught me better that that, back when she had a spine. I'll have to accelerate my timetable. She's left me no other choice. not that I mind... The sooner she's gone, the better.
      " [11]
  • Sylvia Tilly (mirror) (released 21 December 2020)
    • "ISS Discovery, captain's personal log, security encryption omega.
      Emperor Georgiou's pardoning of a delicious Kelpien slave was upsetting enough. Now she's asking pointed and rather obsessive questions about the ship's warp drive and our dilithium crystal reserves. "
      Is the dilithium storage secured?" "Are the warp manifolds balanced?" "Are the antimatter containment seals aligned?"
      Of course the are. They're perfect. Everything aboard my ship is perfect.
      And the Emperor knows that, which makes me wonder: Why is she really asking? Is she testing my ship? My crew? My fitness to command? Is she testing to see if I'd see the questions as a test, in order to test my loyalty?
      And if I'm questioning the Emperor, am I passing the test, or am I failing it? Or, maybe there is no test, and she just wants to know if the engines work.
      My head hurts. I need to kill something...
      " [12]
  • Saru (released 21 December 2020)
    • "Personal log, supplemental.
      I remain in... awe. It is the only word I can find for this feeling, and yet I know it is insufficient.
      When I saw Dr. Issa, I saw myself. I saw home. The turns of this life will never cease to surprise me. Who would have imagined that I, Saru of Kaminar, could have journeyed so far?
      And now I discover that there are others, like me, who made a similar journey.
      I believe it is our duty to find their vessel and learn what happened to them. We must bring their story back to Kaminar, to the Federation. Whether or not that will help us solve The Burn, I do not know. But I feel certain that we owe it to them to try...
      " [13]
  • Michael Burnham (released 28 December 2020)
    • "Commander log, supplemental.
      More than a hundred and twenty years after it happened, we finally found the source of The Burn. All those theories, all those "what ifs"...
      It wasn't an attack on the Federation at all. We still have so many questions, and we need answers, but right now, the priority has to be getting back onto
      It's the only way we can protect the Federation, the only way we have any hope of saving our captain. And Hugh. Adira...
      Time is not on our side but with so much at stake, failure is not an option. Whatever it takes, we will find a way. We have to.
      " [14]
  • Keyla Detmer (released 4 January 2021)
    • "Lieutenant log, stardate... I don't know, actually.
      To be honest, I don't know why I'm even recording this. I guess, In case, we don't make it?
      We're getting ready to take back
      Discovery, Osyraa has the advantage on every level, and I'm... scared. not something I'd have said before.
      I used to think fear was weak, but now, now I see that it takes strength to admit you're afraid and keep going. I've found myself wondering if that's how it was after The Burn... Everyone afraid of what happened, all the unknowns to come... but still, they kept going.
      Thing is, you're never in it alone. They weren't alone then, I'm not now. We've got each other, and well get through this. I know we will.
      " [15]
  • Saru (released 11 January 2021)
    • "Personal log, supplemental.
      My final Starfleet log, for now.
      I have relinquished command of
      Discovery so that I may accompany Su'Kal to Kaminar. A difficult decision, to be sure, but I have no doubt it is the right one.
      Adjusting to life outside the nebula will not be easy for him, especially as the repercussions of the the Burn become clear. I will help him acclimate into Kaminar society, ensure he feels safe and cared for, however long that takes, and I know I leave
      Discovery in excellent hands.
      Michael is more than a capable officer, she is a dear friend. I have no doubt she will exceed all expectations as captain. I cannot deny that I am quite eager to rediscover my home world... and I am also comforted knowing that when I am ready to return to the stars,
      Discovery will be there.
      Until then...
      " [16]
  • Michael Burnham (released 11 January 2021)
    • "Personal log, Michael Burnham.
      One of the last before I have the privilege of calling myself captain. I am beyond lucky, beyond grateful, to be here right now, to be able to serve with this crew, this family. My new home...
      The Burn took a toll across the galaxy: planets cut off from each other, loved ones separated, too many lives lost.
      But we finally have the answers we need... Now we can rebuild. Reconnect. Heal.
      I'm so proud to have been a part of that, and I can't wait to see what we accomplish moving forward. It's up to us, all of us, to leave the past behind, to step out of the darkness and into the light.
      I believe we can do it. We are the Federation, we can do anything...
      " [17]
  • Cleveland Booker (released 16 November 2021)
    • "Consultant's Log, Cleveland Booker.
      Michael said consultant's logs aren't really a thing but since I'm not really a member of Starfleet, I figured I could call it what I want.
      We've been going on missions to former Federation worlds. They've been fine for the most part... except today, when the Selayans thought Grudge was an offering.
      Right. They weren't too happy when I suggested they should make an offering to her. Anyhow, good news is we finally settled on some sort of hairy fish creature to give them as a "thank you for welcoming us" gift. Hopefully they won't cough up too many furballs.
      The missions aren't all wins, but we are making progress. A year ago, I couldn't have imagined saying this, but — it's nice, having the Federation back. Feels something like... hope.
      " [18]
  • Saru (released 16 November 2021)
    • "Personal log, stardate 865468.5
      Although I remain on leave from Starfleet, I have resolved to continue keeping regular logs like this one. There is comfort in routine.
      I find that each day here on Kaminar brings new insight, both for myself and for Su'Kal. He was invited to participate in his first game of dice this evening and although he lost spectacularly, it fills me with such joy to see him included. Our larger community is at last making efforts to welcome him despite the misgivings I know some continue to harbor.
      In time I'm confident Kaminar will be a wonderful home for him. It is for me as well.
      Though of course I cannot help but think of
      Discovery and the question that is never far from my mind. When will I return?" [19]
  • Hugh Culber (released 16 November 2021)
    • "Personal log, Doctor Hugh Culber.
      Building a body for Gray has been slow going. I'm making progress, for sure, but every time I take a step forward something unexpected happens that takes us two steps back — first it was the motor relays, then the neural net depolarized, now we're having disruption issues in some of the secondary pathways...
      I can't imagine how frustrating it must be for Gray. He's being patient but Adira can feel how much these setbacks weigh on him. It worries them. Worries me, too...
      I don't want to get his hopes up, but I have found something that could make a huge difference. The work of a 24th century cyberneticist. Her writing is... revolutionary. I really think this could be the key. But even if it isn't — I won't stop until Gray has the body he deserves. None of us will.
      " [20]
  • Michael Burnham (released 23 November 2021)
    • "Personal log, supplemental.
      I'm still trying to piece together what happened today... trying to make some kind of sense out of it.
      The mission, what went wrong, I will figure it out. Situational analysis. Data analysis. What I could've done differently.
      The Rillak of it all, though... I have no idea what to make of her. I can't imagine being in her shoes: Brand new presidency, all of us barely out from under the Burn — and her entire job is to foster trust, bring planets and species together, make the Federation whole again. I think about that, the pressure she's under... and you know, maybe I could help? Or, at least it could be a point of connection. But I don't think she sees me, not yet. Not really.
      Anyway, it doesn't matter. She'll be here in a few minutes for a mission debrief so I should cut this short. Until next time...
      " [21]
  • R.A. Bryce (released 30 November 2021)
    • "Personal log. Bryce here.
      I don't do this very often, but I feel like after what happened today I'm still riding pretty high, no pun intended.
      Or maybe a little... I just never thought all my years of kite surfing would come in handy on a starship. It was always just a hobby, a way to ground myself amidst this crazy job. But today, that's what saved Book. It's funny, people like to think you can predict when the best waves will come.
      But the truth is, you just have to be out there... because when you least expect it, the wind or the swell will pick up. Or, they'll die down when you think you can't handle any more.
      No matter what, you go home with brine in your mouth and sand in your hair and it's amazing.
      You just have to be ready... always.
      " [22]
  • Paul Stamets (released 30 November 2021)
    • "Commander Paul Stamets, personal log.
      I just got back from a mission with Book, and... well, it wasn't what I expected. Heading in, I couldn't help but think of my father... he used to insist I go in with him for work when he had the time.
      He was a surveyor. I don't know why he wanted me with him. He never seemed to want to say anything.
      God, the endless hours of empty space. Just sitting there, staring at his hands on the controls. We listened to a lot of opera, come to think of it. Not the guy you'd expect to love opera. Maybe he was hoping I'd learn to love it too...
      Anyhow, I didn't expect to have much to talk about with Book, either.
      But... we did.
      It surprised me. And I'm really, really glad I went...
      " [23]
  • Gray Tal (released 7 December 2021)
    • "This is a medical log, I guess...
      Zora's sending my vital signs and other data to Dr. Pollard.
      She's doing a case study on sentience transplantation and translation into a host and I'm supposed to record what I feel.
      But it's weird, that word "host".
      Because I'm not a consciousness conjoined with a host again. My new body is me and only me. There's no one else here; no other memories or insights but my own.
      Maybe that's why it was so hard for me to find this body when my consciousness was untethered. I was in that fog of liminality and there was no one to guide me. I thought I might be lost forever. But then I found Adira.
      They were so present. They were there.
      That's how I knew I was already in my new body and needed to open my eyes.
      I had ears. I had... sides, and someone I loved was waiting there... waiting for me.
      Waiting for me to come home.
      " [24]
  • Michael Burnham (released 7 December 2021)
    • "Personal log, Michael Burnham.
      I read a historical record once about how monks on Earth made the best ales. Alongside their spiritual labors, they crafted beers of intoxicating complexity.
      I heard something similar about the Qowat Milat. Alongside their labors, they brew a hallucinogenic tea that they only drink in each other's company. I'm told the Qowat Milat tea sessions can last days and in them, bonds that transcend life and death are formed.
      I... I've had the thought that it would be nice if my mom brought me a cup of that tea some time and we would spend a day sipping it together.
      But I suppose with all that's happening, it's not the right time.
      Maybe someday I'll ask her about it...
      " [25]
  • Sylvia Tilly (released 14 December 2021)
    • "Personal log, Lieutenant Sylvia Tilly.
      Adira and I are on our way to Fed HQ, and... wow, has it been an emotional whirlwind lately, or is it whiplash? I'm not sure which.
      Either way, I'm just... my head is spinning. Just trying to find my path... what I really want to do with my life... Weirdly, I'm really looking forward to teaching an academy training class.
      Me, a teacher? I know, right? Whoever's listening to this, stop laughing.
      But seriously, I have... I've experienced A LOT in a short period of time. It would be great, for better or worse, to pass on some of what I've learned, to help some "young me" find the confidence I lacked when I was at Academy...
      I'm also hoping this assignment will be helpful for Adira in some way. You know, it's great to be brilliant, but I... I've learned you also have to learn to be a team player.
      I know that training classes can be boring and routine, but maybe they'll get something out of it. And if I can make it fun for everybody, all the better. Who couldn't use some fun, right?
      " [26]
  • Adira Tal (released 14 December 2021)
    • "Well, here is my latest attempt at a personal log. I still can't quite get used to doing these. I feel like I talk to myself enough as it is.
      But, this one's kind of special.
      Tilly's on her way back to Fed HQ to teach at the Academy... I didn't really realize how much she's meant to me in such a short time. Especially after what we just went through together at the blob from hell.
      And through everything she saw something in me that most times I can't even see in myself. The potential to do and be anything. Like, it's OK to risk, to take chances, and fail.
      When I was on the generation ship, I'd look out at the stars sometimes and they'd seem cold, or distant...
      They feel different now. Or maybe it's that I feel different now, like anything is possible.
      And now I'm quoting a snow globe... I think my logs need a bit more practice.
      " [27]
  • Saru (released 21 December 2021)
    • "Captain's personal log, supplemental.
      Today I experienced quite an odd interaction with our guest Mr. Tarka. I suppose it would be best described as a... shouting match. Afterwards he asked if it provided me with some measure of relief, and I must admit that it did.
      Of late there has been so much on my mind between the DMA, and my duties on
      Discovery, and the Kaminar High Council. The truth is, I have had little time for rest or release. Being forced to let go today, even for a moment, was unexpectedly freeing.
      In fact, I am almost tempted to try it again right now. But... I will refrain. The halaplant is particularly sensitive to sound vibrations, and it does look rather pitiful when its leaves drop off.
      Still... I am tempted...
      " [28]
  • Ruon Tarka (released 21 December 2021)
    • "Ruon Tarka, personal log.
      In an hour's time I'll be boarding the USS
      Discovery, where I've been promised all required resources will be provided to test my thesis about the DMA. It's hard to see how a 900-year-old ship could be an ideal lab, but... the Admiral's insisting this should be a collaborative venture. With Paul Stamets, of all people. Commander Ego himself.
      Aurellio hates it when I call him that, says I should at least meet the man before coming up with a snarky nickname. But come on, I've read every bit of research Stamets has ever done. But come on. I've read every bit of research Stamets has ever done and two things are abundantly clear. One: he is brilliant. And two: he thinks more highly of himself than a Vulcan in a logic debate.
      Then again, so do I... so this may not go so well.
      Guess we'll find out...
      " [29]
  • Eva Nilsson (released 28 December 2021)
    • "Personal log, Commander Eva Nilsson.
      Going into the pattern buffer today might've been the scariest thing I've ever done... and that includes jumping 900 years into the future. Something about the total lack of control... knowing there was nothing I could do to help the ship or anyone else at that point... and knowing I might never wake up. But... Zora got us through. And what she did was incredible. Taking over when Captain Burnham went down... Makes me realize I've never thought of her as anything more than a ship's computer. She is more, though. Or, she's become more.
      I'm not sure everyone on board will be comfortable with how she's changed, but I'm grateful as hell for it. And just as grateful to know I won't be in a pattern buffer again any time soon. Here's hoping...
      " [30]
  • Cleveland Booker (released 28 December 2021)
    • "I never thought I'd see my father again. Never wanted to.
      But I suppose... when I think about it now... I'm glad I did.
      Can't believe I just said that. Maybe it's exhaustion, I dunno, it's been a helluva day.
      But understanding why he did the things he did. Of course there are a lot of questions I haven't answered. Was it just my subconscious I was speaking to, or was it really him, somehow? Or, maybe those are the same thing.
      Because he is part of me. As much as I've tried to deny it, he is. He always will be. At least now I'm a little more at peace with that...
      " [31]
  • President Rillak (released 4 January 2022)
    • "President's Log: Supplemental.
      Today was an exhausting day, but I think -- I trust -- we made the right choice.
      I've been President of the Federation for a blink, and already I'm leading multi-quadrant negotations about the fate of our galaxy.
      It's...a lot. But I can do this...
      I wish Earth were with us, though.
      I keep thinking of my mother...decorating our home with intricate art of the Pacific Ocean.
      How she dreamed of diving into the waves, sinking her toes into the sand one day.
      Never got the chance. But some day, I’ll do that for her, with Earth in the Federation again.
      And when I do, she'll be there with me...I know she will.
      " [32]
  • Hugh Culber
    • "Medical log, Dr. Hugh Culber.
      I should have seen it coming, but I didn't... Not really, Not quite. Still now that I think of it, Book taking off the way he did isn't entirely unexpected behavior from someone immersed in the anger stage of grief...
      I just need to figure out, what now? How do I help him now? Because we will catch up with him and when we do...
      The key I think, is to accelerate him toward acceptance, so he can process the loss of Kwejian and feel in his bones that nothing will bring it back... nothing he could've done would have prevented what happened.
      It's tricky territory, but if I can be there for him, guide him through the process.
      I'll keep a closer eye on him this time and it'll all be okay.
      It has to be... I have to fix this.
      I will..."
  • Joann Owosekun
    • "What a day... being back in the ring again... it's easy to think that boxing is just "punch, punch, punch," but it's not.
      It's an intricate ballet with constantly changing mathematics equations that you have to solve in real time.
      A fighter has to zoom out, see the big picture. I was just telling Keyla about how you have to have the "thousand-yard stare"...
      It's like when you look out into the stars for so long and they seem to disappear but when you don't look directly at them, that's when you see them, one by one, until the sky is full of them.
      Like a map. That's the stare.
      Once you stop focusing directly on your opponent-boom. That map appears telling you where to go, where to cover.
      It's like time slows down when you excactly where your opponent's body is tensing, where he'll strike.
      And that's when you know you have him. The match is yours.
      It's always worth stepping back to look at the bigger picture.
      You never know what you'll find...
      " [34]
  • D. Nhan
    • "Federation Security log, supplemental. Standard encryption protocols engaged. : Commander Nhan recording on en route to Federation Headquarters, where I'll meet with Starfleet Admiral Vance before reconnecting with my former crew on the U.S.S. Discovery... and Captain Burnham.
      Captain... So much has happened since I last saw her... She was still a commander and I... Well, it feels like a lifetime ago.
      I'd be lying if I said this mission was going to be straightforward. Part of me would happily take another firefight over this. But, if I don't go someone else will...
      Someone who doesn't know her, who hasn't seen her put everything on the line for her crew... for the Federation. I trust she'll make the right calls today. But if she can't, I'll do what i need to do.
      Whatever that costs me.
      " [35]
  • Saru
    • "Captain Saru, personal log. : Quite personal, in fact. Perhaps I should... well, I suppose I have already begun...
      I have been considering an interaction with President T'Rina, wherein she seem to express a desire for greater connection with me.
      It was merely a suggestion of future shared meal, but still... In the moment, I admit I was rather flummoxed.
      The President is an individual of great depth and insight, and when we converse I find that time istelf seem to drift from its usual steady flow.
      But we are dealing with such uncertainty, I could not...
      Well, I have spent more than enough time on this. I should make my usual rounds, check on the crew.
      Perhaps I will start with Dr. Culber.
      Yes, I will start with Dr. Culber..."
  • Keyla Detmer
    • "Personal log: supplemental.
      It's the middle of the night and I should be sleeping, but all I can think about are the stakes of this mission.
      It's all on us. countless worlds are depending on how we.. how I... fly later today.
      I have to pilot
      Discovery through the galactic barrier.
      Almost can't believe I'm saying that. We'll be leaving the galaxy, going where no one has gone before.
      There's no mycelial network, no subspace relays. We'll be completely alone.
      And I'm the one who has to get us there.
      I'm not scared; more excited. Feels like I've been preparing my whole life for the moment. I wish I could tell the old me at the Academy that someday she'd get to fly beyond the galaxy.
      I wish I could tell her that she was going to make history...
      " [37]
  • Gen Rhys
    • "Personal Log: Supplemental.
      My third supplemental log so far, which tells you something about the kind of day it's been. It's the waiting. I'm no good at it.
      But with the Captain and the away team down on the planet searching for clues, that's all we can do right now...
      I can't even distract myself in the lounge because it's been taken over by the diplomats and they're all on edge.
      So far, I've gone running, swimming and Muay Thai fight simulations on the holodeck. Like I said, terrible at waiting. I keep thinking what they might find down there...
      They have to find something, right? I mean, they will.
      Of course, they will. And when they do, I'll be ready...
      " [38]
  • Jett Reno
    • "Commander Reno, personal log.
      Hour eight of being kidnapped, feels like hour ten thousand.
      I am officially bored out of my skull.
      Haven't yet figured out how to transmit a message off the ship, but at least I can record this for posterity.
      Plus, it helps pass the time. I'm trying to eavesdrop, pick up as many details of their plan as I can, but for the most part they're saying nada.
      Just pacing around, waiting for
      Discovery to make a move so they can ride her into the hyperfield.
      I'll tell you what I'm really dreading.
      I need to ask Book for more black licorice. Red is the only kind in my not-so-humble opinion.
      Anything else is a crime against candy but black's to glycyrrhizic acid and that's what i need, so...
      Here he comes. Signing off. Wish me luck...
      " [39]
  • Michael Burnham
    • "Captain's log, supplemental.
      We can finally rest now, let out our collective breaths. I could feel the crew's relief when Earth finally appeared on the viewscreen.
      At Dr. Culber's suggestion we gathered in the lounge, a chance to celebrate and just... be. We'd barely arrived, the rest of the crew still on their way, when Tilly walked in.
      It was so good to see her... and for me, that's when it truly sank in how much we've been through. How much she's changed. How much we've all been changed by this journey.
      The Federation has come together in a new way, been made stronger, by facing a threat bigger than itself. Bigger than all of us. Now that the threat's behind us, there's this feeling of hop.
      For the first time in a long time, it feels like the future is wide open again. And i cannot wait to see what happens next...
      " [40]

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