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Title screen for Star Trek: Discovery (Season 1)

The opening title sequences for Star Trek: Discovery were produced by the design studio Prologue Films, and featured technical wire-frame outlines of tools like phasers, communicators and the USS Discovery, morphing into symbols representing life, belief, and exploration.

The Prologue Films team that produced the original sequence included creative directors Ana Criado Zahonero and Kyle Cooper, designers Ana Criado Zahonero and Fernando Domínguez Cózar, animation and art direction by Francisco Sánchez de Cañete and Nader Husseini, editor Rachel Fowler, and writer Kurt Mattila. [1]

The score by Jeff Russo, featuring a sixty-piece orchestra, opens and closes with nods to the original Star Trek: The Original Series score by Alexander Courage. [2]

Season 1

For DIS Season 1, imagery included Star Trek: The Original Series-style phaser and communicator, a hand performing the Vulcan salute, and two near-touching hands in Starfleet environmental suits, referencing The Creation of Adam by Michaelangelo.

Season 2

The DIS Season 2 premier, "Brothers", featured several changes to the title sequence, including the addition of Captain James T. Kirk's captain's chair, the red angel (initially blurry, but coming into focus later in the season,) the IDIC, Section 31 badge, and a transporter room ("invented by Emory Erickson.")

Season 3 released the DIS Season 3 opening title sequence on 14 October 2020, the day before the release of the season premier "That Hope Is You, Part 1". [3]

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